Three Chinese Warlords Supported by the Junta have been turned up to Beijing by Myanmar

Myanmar has extradited three Chinese individuals to Beijing, who were known for their involvement in trafficking foreign nationals and coercing them into running scams.

Bai Suocheng, Wei Chaoren, and Liu Zhengxiang were at the helm of three out of the four families that held power in Laukkaing, a town situated on Myanmar’s north-eastern border with China.

They were transported to China on a chartered flight, along with seven other individuals.

This is the latest development in the dramatic downfall of the military-backed Chinese mafia in Myanmar.

And once again, Myanmar’s military regime faces another setback as its influence continues to decline.

The army in Myanmar, which has been engaged in a fierce conflict since taking control in early 2021, is currently facing setbacks in its fight against highly organised ethnic armies on multiple fronts.

There have been reports of General Min Aung Hlaing’s alleged connections to criminal organisations in Laukkaing. China had been urging his regime to address the issue of scam centres, where individuals are coerced into running telephone and online scams that target victims worldwide.

China’s concern over the events unfolding near its border led to three insurgent armies launching synchronised attacks against the military in late October of the previous year – ultimately contributing to the downfall of the mafia families.

In 2009, the four families assumed control of Laukkaing. Liu Guoxi, the leader of the fourth family, passed away in 2020.

Throughout the years, their control transformed a destitute Burmese border town into a hub of illicit operations, particularly for highly profitable fraudulent enterprises. According to the UN, a significant number of individuals have been trafficked into these centres throughout South East Asia.

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“China’s Ministry of Public Security stated on Tuesday that criminal groups in northern Myanmar have been openly organising armed fraud gangs and committing fraud crimes against Chinese citizens for a significant period of time.”

The ministry has stated that they are facing serious allegations of committing various violent crimes, including murder, assault, and illegal detention.

In December, Beijing offered a public reward for these individuals and others in their network, labelling them as “ring leaders” and dispatched a team to Myanmar to collaborate with local authorities.

A susceptible Myanmar army provided China with the chance to take action against the fraudulent compounds in Laukkaing.

The Ministry of Public Security has reported that a significant number of individuals, approximately 44,000, have been transferred from Myanmar to China due to their suspected involvement in the scam centres.

However, China hailed Tuesday’s development as a significant milestone, referring to the arrest of the three heads of the mafia families.

Video footage has been broadcasted on Chinese-language TV channels, capturing the sight of numerous Swat officers escorting suspects off a plane in Kunming and guiding them into police vans.

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