A rare 9-foot ‘Harbinger of Doom’ Fish was Caught, Stoking Worries of an Imminent Tragedy

Fishermen discovered a rare 9ft oarfish, often associated with superstitions, which will soon be displayed in a museum, causing increased anxiety among residents.

This marks the second sighting of the ‘earthquake fish‘ on Thailand’s Andaman coast this year.

The initial event caused concerns about a possible earthquake or tsunami.

Oarfish, found in the depths of the world’s oceans, are a rare sight for humans.

The Andaman coast of Thailand has already seen two oarfish this year (Jam Press)
Up to 1000 metres below sea level, oarfish only come to the surface when their currents shift or they are about to die (Picture: Jam Press)

These creatures have bodies that are designed to withstand the pressure of depths up to 1,000 metres below the ocean’s surface. As a result, they are prone to rapid death when brought to shallow waters, causing their bodies to expand due to changes in pressure.

In Japanese mythology, sea creatures – sometimes referred to as ‘earthquake fish’ – are believed to be a sign of impending disaster, appearing just before calamities or illnesses occur.

Six deep sea creatures were sighted shortly before a tragic earthquake claimed six lives and left over 120 people injured in southern Philippines in 2017.

The 9ft 4in oarfish, weighing 8.6kg, was caught on a fishing vessel in the Andaman Sea, about eight nautical miles from Phuket, Thailand.

The crew transferred the body to another boat heading back to the pier in Thai Mueang before completing their journey at sea.

The ugly looking fish is said to appear before natural disasters and caused panic on the island after being found by fishermen(Picture: Jam Press)

Sitthiphol Muangsong, the regional fisheries chief, examined the creature alongside officials from the Phuket Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Centre.

Authorities reported that the carcass was in good condition, except for a minor wound to its head.

Analysts will also examine the body of another deceased oarfish discovered off Satun Province, further south on Thailand’s Andaman coast, on January 4 this year.

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Both items will be showcased at the local museum after officials finish their investigation.

The discovery on January 4 caused concern among those who see the oarfish as a sign of bad luck.

According to a local resident, finding an oarfish near Satun could be a sign of a possible earthquake along the Andaman coast.

“And there might also be a tsunami.”

Jetsada Denduangboripant, a biology professor at Chulalongkorn University in the country, proposed that their sudden appearance might be due to illness or shifting currents, rather than seismic activity.

The professor stated that the finding of this Oarfish does not forecast earthquakes or tsunamis, it is merely a belief.

Actually, they tend to appear when they are unwell or nearing the end of their life.

There are other unusual creatures lurking in the oceans besides these oarfish.

Specialists had difficulty identifying the mysterious orange remains that were found on a beach in the far northeast of Scotland, approximately 10 miles from John O’Groats in November 2023.

Last October, a terrifying fish with a disturbing reproductive behaviour and sharp teeth was found near Laguna Beach in LA.

The Pacific football fish, a type of anglerfish recognised for a bioluminescent stalk hanging from its forehead, is typically located 3,000ft beneath the sea’s surface.

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