Princess Charlotte turns 9 in this New Snapshot

A new image of Princess Charlotte, taken by her mother Catherine,

To commemorate Princess Charlotte’s ninth birthday, a fresh photo of the child—taken by her mother Catherine—has been made public.

Similar to how they did for their youngest child Prince Louis’s sixth birthday a week ago, the Prince and Princess of Wales posted the picture on social media.

Catherine has withdrawn from her royal duties while undergoing treatment for cancer.

She has previously called her daughter, who is third in line for the throne, “the one in charge” and assertive in contrast to George.

The princess is pictured in the last few days with Catherine next to a pink-petalled clematis vine.

The Princess of Wales also captured an identical picture of Louis that was published last week. It follows considerable criticism over alterations made to a family portrait taken for Mother’s Day.

Kensington Palace declared that no editing had been done to the photo of Louis.

A family portrait shot by the Princess of Wales that was made public for Mother’s Day in March caused controversy when photo agencies removed it due to allegations that it had been altered digitally.

As the princess continues her recuperation, it has been a “unprecedented time” for the Royal brood, particularly for Catherine and William with their small brood.

She underwent abdominal surgery in January, and tests later revealed that she had cancer. She will start treatment in late February.

The King, who is also receiving cancer treatment, returned to public appearances for the first time this week. Since the start of his treatment, King Charles has avoided public gatherings except for an Easter church service.

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On Christmas Day, Charlotte was last observed in public as her family was at Sandringham for a church service.

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