Russia Displays US Military Equipment it has taken During the Conflict in Ukraine

A new open-air exhibition has just opened

I’m in Moscow’s enormous Victory Park, a memorial complex honouring the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.

A brand-new outdoor show just got underway. However, it is unrelated to the Second World War.

Western military equipment that the Russian army took prisoner in Ukraine is on exhibit.

Russia has chosen to display these as battle trophies.

A British Army Husky tactical support vehicle that was handed to Ukraine is one of the pieces of armour on display here. It has a windscreen full of bullet holes.

I can see Western tanks that have been sent to the Ukrainian military across from the Husky. One of the American Abrams vehicles was damaged during combat. Plus a German Leopard tank.

There is, in reality, a lengthy history of German armour. Above it, there’s a sign that reads, “History is repeating itself.”

The Russian government wants the world to believe that Russia is the victim of foreign enemies in both the war in Ukraine and World War Two.

In truth, the two wars are fundamentally different. Germany invaded Russia in 1941. Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The exhibition of battle trophies is fully occupied.

Russians are swarming around the military equipment in the brilliant weather, posing for pictures in front of the tank gun barrels and, judging by their reactions, clearly enjoying the show.

It’s amazing. “Astonishing,” remarks Natalya, who is present with her spouse and young daughter.

“It’s amazing to think that our guys managed to get these trophies.”

There are currently about thirty armoured cars on exhibit.

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However, why?

The Russians have not invented the wheel here. Russian military gear that the Ukrainian army had taken prisoner has previously been on display in Ukraine.

However, I think this show has numerous important goals for the Russian government.

The first is to support the Kremlin narrative that Russia is being attacked by NATO and the West in general in Ukraine. Here, the goal is to further demonise the West in Russian culture.

In actuality, Russia invaded Ukraine—something that Western officials had pleaded with Moscow to refrain from doing. The decision to begin what Russia continues to refer to as the “special military operation” in Ukraine was made by President Vladimir Putin himself.

The West supported Kyiv by providing weapons and ammunition. In contrast to what Russian authorities may say, it does not intend to destroy Russia.

Red flags are currently flying above Victory Park in honour of Victory Day, the national celebration on May 9th that commemorates Hitler’s defeat.

The location of the exhibition—a memorial dedicated to World War II—as well as its timing—coming just before Victory Day—feed into the official narrative that asserts a connection between the conflict in Ukraine and World War II, which I previously stated.

However, there’s also a significant amount of boasting in this display. Even with the latest $61 billion (£49 billion) aid package from the United States to Kyiv, the Russians seem to be getting more confident about the fight in their own country. Moscow thinks it has the upper hand in combat right now.

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Russia’s slogan is inscribed on a large sign next to the battle trophies.

The statement says, “Our victory is inevitable.”

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