Gaza war: Five Israeli troops Killed ‘by tank fire’ in Jabalia

After leaving for several months, Israeli forces have returned to Jabalia

According to the military, there has been a tragic incident in Gaza resulting in the loss of five Israeli soldiers. This incident is one of the most devastating since the war started in October.

According to reports from Israeli media, a tragic incident occurred on Wednesday when Israeli troops were accidentally struck by tank fire.

The incident took place in Jabalia, located in the northern part of Gaza, where there is ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters.

Troops returned to the town this week after previously withdrawing, citing the regrouping of Hamas.

Since Saturday, a significant number of civilians have evacuated Jabalia due to the recent military operation carried out by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), involving air strikes. Troops returned to Jabalia on Monday.

Conflict in Gaza and the southern town of Rafah has escalated in recent days, with a significant number of the area’s civilian population seeking refuge.

According to the UN, a significant number of Palestinians have been forced to leave Rafah, with hundreds of thousands seeking refuge elsewhere. Additionally, a recent escalation of conflict in the north has resulted in the displacement of another large group of people.

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