Indian Airlines must end Mess Surrounding Baggage Delays

The government of India has mandated that certain major airlines begin distributing checked baggage to customers as soon as the plane’s engine turns off, preferably within ten minutes.

Passengers should expect their bags to be brought to them within 10 to 30 minutes after arrival, according to the civil aviation ministry.

The deadline for the airlines to meet the order’s requirements is February 26th.

Airports around the country have long struggled with the issue of delayed baggage delivery.

Seven airlines, including Air India, Vistara, and IndiGo, have been instructed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to take necessary steps to guarantee prompt delivery of baggage.

Following monitoring the time it took for luggage to be delivered to passengers at six major airports in India, the directive was issued by the aviation ministry. Seven airlines’ operations were closely examined during 3,600 flights.

According to a statement from the ministry, the review process started in January and is still in progress.

The report mentioned that while all airlines had made progress in baggage delivery, they still fell short of the required standards.

The statement mentioned that the initial baggage should be at the baggage belt within 10 minutes of the aircraft engine being turned off, and the final bag within 30 minutes of the same.

Indian travellers often express their dissatisfaction with the luggage delivery process at airports.

At times, luggage may be delayed for nearly an hour, and the wait can extend if there are technical problems with the baggage belt.

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In recent months, the aviation ministry has implemented various measures to enhance the air travel experience.

Recently, the international airport in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, was instructed to decrease flights to alleviate air traffic congestion and enhance landing efficiency.

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