Ed Sheeran amazes Mumbai Audience with Punjabi Performance

Ed Sheeran delighted his fans during his concert in Mumbai by singing in Punjabi, sparking a frenzy on social media.

During the show on Saturday night, the renowned English artist extended an invitation to the talented Indian singer Diljit Dosanjh to join him for a captivating performance on stage.

The audience erupted with excitement as the pair performed a Punjabi version of Dosanjh’s popular song, Lover.

On Instagram, a fan expressed their excitement, calling it an unexpected and much-desired crossover.

One person remarked, “I believe I have witnessed a significant moment in history,” while another praised Sheeran’s flawless use of Punjabi.

Following the conclusion of the performance, both artists shared a snippet from the show on their Instagram accounts.

The singer of “Shape Of You” shared his excitement about performing in Mumbai and singing in Punjabi for the first time, as he had the opportunity to bring out Diljit Dosanjh on stage. I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience in India, and there’s still so much more to look forward to!

Meanwhile, Dosanjh shared the video with the caption: “Brother singing in Panjabi for the first time.”

In the comments section, celebrities also shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Actor Varun Dhawan summed it up with just two words: “Global domination.”

Dosanjh, 40, is a widely acclaimed celebrity with a massive following in India and across the globe.

He has previously collaborated with a Western star in Punjabi. Last year, he released a song called Hass Hass, which he collaborated on with the talented singer Sia from Cheap Thrills.

Fans were quick to applaud Dosanjh for his latest collaboration with a renowned artist, singing in the Indian language.

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“First Sia, now Ed, Diljit is going to have everyone singing in Punjabi,” commented one user on Instagram.

“Diljit deserves all the praise,” commented another user. “This individual has truly revolutionized the Punjabi music scene, inspiring other artists to sing in Punjabi.”

Sheeran dropped his most recent album Autumn Variations last September.

His performance in Mumbai was a highlight of his extensive tour across Asia and Europe.

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