Author Discusses King Charles’s Remorse for Prince Harry’s Upbringing in Relation to Princess Diana

King Charles III has expressed deep remorse over his parenting decisions, particularly when it comes to his younger son.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, made the claim. A new book has been released by a royal expert, titled “My Mother and I,” delving into the monarch’s upbringing and his connection with his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Seward also had a conversation with the 75-year-old at his Highgrove estate.

“Prince Harry and King Charles had a strong bond,” Seward shared with Fox News Digital. “They had a fantastic connection.” I believe Charles may have some regrets about not being stricter with Harry and his older son, William.

Following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the former Prince Charles assumed the title of King. Britain’s longest-reigning monarch died in 2022. She was 96. (Hannah Mckay/Pool/AFP)

“He continued with Diana’s unconventional approach to parenting,” Seward shared. “Diana gave them a lot of freedom to do as they pleased, which was quite trendy back then. You allow children to independently handle their tasks. I believe Charles may have some regrets about not being more firm, as it could have provided the boys with clearer limits.

“… Children all need boundaries, and I believe they had an appropriate amount,” Seward added.

Throughout her life, the stylish mother opted for a less traditional approach to raising her children. Diana was famous for her unique and hands-on approach within the palace. She made playtime a priority, spontaneously planned trips with her sons, and took care of their emotional needs. Charles, coming from a more traditional background as a future king, maintained a formal approach with his children.

King Charles and Princess Diana raised their sons in quite different ways. (Tim Graham Photo Library)

Seward suggested that the king might have pondered over time whether he could have made different choices as a parent.

Harry’s relationship with the royal family has been strained ever since he decided to step back from his royal duties in 2020 and relocate to California alongside his wife, Meghan Markle. According to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the unbearable intrusions and racist attitudes of the British media prompted the move.

Harry attended his father’s coronation in May, but he promptly departed for California after the ceremony concluded to celebrate his son Archie’s birthday.

“I don’t think the king would be bothered by Harry living far away, since traveling between LA and London is quite convenient,” Seward explained. “It’s a pity that he can’t spend quality time with his grandchildren and that Harry’s actions have caused some disruptions within the royal family.”

“That doesn’t stop Charles from loving him,” Seward continued. “However, it appears that he is rather unsettled by Harry’s behavior and especially troubled by Harry’s remarks about his wife, Camilla … Charles is always eager to embrace anyone who comes his way. Otherwise, things will get much worse. It’s clear that he hopes for William and Harry to develop a stronger bond, but regrettably, he has no influence over the circumstances. That’s their concern. However, he did express his plea, “Please boys, do not make my final years unbearable,” and regrettably, that is exactly what they have achieved.

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King Charles III, according to Ingrid Seward, wishes he could spend more time with his grandkids. (WPA Pool / Matt Dunham)

In his 2023 memoir, “Spare,” Harry made a bold claim about his stepmother, Queen Camilla, alleging that she had shared private conversations with the media in an attempt to enhance her own image. The 39-year-old alleged that members of the royal family formed alliances with unsavory individuals in order to receive positive coverage in tabloids. He highlighted Camilla’s attempts to improve her public image among the British people following her affair with his father.

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” was published in 2023. (JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP)

He also discussed his competitive relationship with William, 41, who is next in line for the British throne.

Harry was not the only member of the royal family to discuss his upbringing.

In 1994, Charles, then Prince of Wales, spoke to Jonathan Dimbleby for an authorized biography, where he expressed his discontent with his upbringing. The book detailed the queen and Prince Philip’s emotional distance from their firstborn.

In 1994, the erstwhile Prince Charles interviewed with Jonathan Dimbleby for an authorized biography. (Andrew Winning/AFP)

“He expressed a sense of being unappreciated by his parents,” stated Seward. “… He expressed disapproval of their parenting style and mentioned that he has no recollection of his mother ever embracing him. Well, she embraced him, but he has no recollection of it. He believed that his parents didn’t love him and that he was raised solely by nannies. . . . The queen and Prince Philip were deeply affected by these comments. They wondered, ‘What mistakes did we make?’ We gave it our all.”

“The queen ascended to the throne at a tender age, during a time when society was predominantly male-dominated,” Seward highlighted. “She was deprived of her motherhood.” She was unable to find the time to care for two very young children.

In the opening chapter of Harry’s book, he shares the story of how Charles delivered the devastating information about Diana’s accident. He noted that the father did not embrace his son.

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Diana tragically passed away due to injuries she sustained in a car accident in 1997. She was 36 years old.

“I believe Charles was completely taken aback, experiencing a tremendous shock, and likely… trembling himself,” stated Seward. “So what he did was gently touch Harry’s shoulder, as one might do in a moment of disbelief.” It can be challenging to release emotions and embrace someone all of a sudden. You seem to have a very systematic approach. So I fully grasped the reasoning behind Charles’ behavior, but it was clear that Harry harbored resentment towards him.

For quite some time, followers of the royal family have been eagerly anticipating a reunion. After receiving the devastating news from Charles, Harry wasted no time in making arrangements to travel to London.

“I immediately boarded a plane and made my way to see him,” Harry shared with the news program “Good Morning America.” “I cherish my family.” I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and spend time with him.

Harry arrived from California less than 48 hours after Buckingham Palace made the announcement on February 5 about the king’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The meeting between the monarch and his younger son at Clarence House was quite short, as Charles and Camilla were spotted departing approximately an hour later.

In her book “My Mother and I,” Ingrid Seward wrote about King Charles III’s bond with the late Queen Elizabeth II. (Simon and Schuster)

The palace has not disclosed the specific type of cancer that the king is facing. They have mentioned that it was detected during a treatment for an enlarged prostate, clarifying that it is not prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, William has been keeping a close eye on his wife, Kate Middleton. On March 22, devastating news broke as the Princess of Wales revealed her battle with cancer and her ongoing chemotherapy treatment. The announcement arrived following ongoing speculation on social media since January when the mother of three was admitted to the hospital for undisclosed abdominal surgery.

Seward mentioned that Charles does not seem to be in a rush for William to ascend to the throne.

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Kate Middleton has been diagnosed with cancer, and Prince William is keeping an eye on her. (Cuthbert, Mark; UK Press)

“It’s an event that occurred early in William’s career,” Seward explained. “Instead of pursuing a traditional path and immersing himself in numerous royal responsibilities, William chose to forge his own professional journey.” He had a career as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. He enjoyed quality time with his family prior to assuming his royal responsibilities. And there was a significant amount of backlash. William is not being very productive at the moment. However, his father was closely involved in this.

“And I believe that when William … mentioned his commitment to taking care of his wife … Charles fully supported that choice,” Seward shared. “Due to his unwavering commitment to duty, a significant portion of his life was adversely affected.” There’s no chance of him changing. However, he desires his sons to have a greater opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling family life.

Seward fondly recalled her conversations with the king.

On February 21, 2024, in London, England, King Charles III reads cards and notes from well-wishers after receiving a cancer diagnosis in the 18th Century Room of the Belgian Suite at Buckingham Palace. (Pool, Jonathan Brady)

“We discussed the issues surrounding children and drugs,” she reminisced. “And we did discuss William and Harry.” Charles claimed, ‘Well, the only substance I ever indulged in was a cigarette!’

“We discussed the things that irritated him, and he had a great sense of humor,” she added. “He mentioned having a rather poor memory. . . . He used to have a small collection of sticky notes. He would attach his memos to his blazer whenever he got dressed. What caught my attention was how, whenever young Prince Charles fell ill – as children often do – he was separated from his mother. I can imagine that was quite challenging. And that’s likely why he has a fear of illness… He remains steadfast in his refusal to yield. . . . He simply continues without hesitation.

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