When Usher was just 13 Years old and lived with Diddy, he observed “very curious things taking place”

Usher was only 13 years old when Diddy extended an invitation for him to experience the lifestyle of a musician.

The ‘Burn’ hitmaker is a global superstar and recently headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. However, there was a time when they were just a young and aspiring artist, like many others who begin their journey in the music industry.

Usher decided to join the ‘Puffy Flava Camp’ after a recommendation from L.A. Reid, former CEO of Epic Records, in order to further his career as an artist.

While in the camp, Usher had the opportunity to interact with other well-known celebrities who were significantly older than him, including Diddy, who is nine years his senior. In a recently rediscovered interview, Usher candidly acknowledged witnessing some intriguing occurrences.

In a conversation with Howard Stern in 2016, Usher shared a memorable experience: “I had the opportunity to live with Sean Puffy Combs for a year.”

Stern then inquired about the atmosphere in the house, but Usher clarified that it was not as described.

“No, not really,” he replied. “I have to admit, it was quite intriguing.” I had the opportunity to witness some events.

“I went there to witness the lifestyle,” the ‘My Boo’ singer continued. “And I witnessed it.” I’m not sure if I could fully immerse myself and comprehend what I was searching for.

“It was quite an eventful experience,” Usher added.

When asked about his parents’ knowledge of his experiences, the 45-year-old candidly admitted that they were unaware of the situation.

“Now that you’re a father, have you considered sending your child to a summer camp like Puffy Flava Camp?” Stern proceeded to inquire.

“No way,” Usher, a father-of-four, replied.

UNILAD has reached out to representatives of Usher and P Diddy for comment.

The video from eight years ago has recently resurfaced due to the investigation into Diddy’s Los Angeles homes in relation to an ongoing sex trafficking case.

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In a statement released on March 25, Homeland Security Investigations announced that they had conducted law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation. The operations were carried out with the assistance of HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and local law enforcement partners.

“We will keep you updated with any new developments.”

The current situation is still uncertain regarding whether Diddy is the focus of the federal agents’ investigation.

The rapper’s sons, Justin and Christian, were detained outside of one of his homes during the time of the raids, but were later released without any charges.

Following a lawsuit filed by Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Casandra Ventura last year, which accused him of rape and abuse, raids have been conducted. Diddy, however, has strongly denied these allegations.

The couple was together for more than ten years before ending their relationship in 2018.

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