Sydney Sweeney responds to ‘shameful’ Movie Producer who says she’s ‘not attractive’ and ‘can’t act’

Sydney Sweeney is responding assertively to recent negative feedback.

Following rumours that Hollywood producer Carol Baum made derogatory comments about Sweeney’s appearance and acting skills during a recent movie screening, a representative for the acclaimed actress responded strongly to the incident, providing a fiery statement to Fox News Digital.

“It is unfortunate that a woman in a position to share her expertise and experience has decided to criticise another woman,” the statement read. “If that’s the knowledge she has gained from her extensive experience in the industry and believes it is suitable to impart to her students, it is truly disappointing.” It is quite telling of Ms. Baum’s character to unfairly criticise another female producer.

The celebrity’s representative referred to Carol Baum’s remarks regarding Sydney Sweeney as “shameful.” Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

Not only did Sweeney have a role in “Anyone But You,” but she also took on the role of executive producer. Additionally, she is credited as a producer for her most recent film, “Immaculate.”

Baum has an extensive filmography dating back to the 1980s, including notable titles such as “Father of the Bride,” “Fly Away Home,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Baum’s remarks were given during a recent screening of her 1988 film “Dead Ringers” at the Jacob Burns Film Centre in New York.

As reported by the Daily Mail, she participated in a discussion after the screening, where she shared with the audience, “There’s an actress who has gained immense popularity lately — Sydney Sweeney. I don’t understand Sydney Sweeney.

Producer Carol Baum slammed Sydney Sweeney (left) ( Getty Images)

The producer mentioned that she had recently viewed “Anyone But You” during a flight, stating, “I was curious to learn more about her and understand the buzz surrounding her.” I endured this movie that was quite challenging to watch – my apologies to those who are fans of it – a romantic comedy where the two main characters strongly dislike each other.

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Baum, who is also a professor at USC, further commented, “I asked my class to analyse this girl for me. Her appearance and acting skills leave much to be desired. What makes her so attractive?'”

According to her, no one had a response to her inquiry.

Many individuals rallied behind Sweeney on social media. Someone humorously remarked on X that Sydney Sweeney’s attractiveness seems to be one of the rare things that most Americans can agree on at the moment.

Another individual attempted to offer an explanation for what they believed Baum’s thought process might have been. According to them, it seems that Baum may have adhered to the traditional mindset of some producers who believe that nobody is perfect, and that everyone is overweight and unattractive.

One comment stated, “It’s difficult to determine who truly qualifies as a talented actor, so perhaps there’s room for debate.” But to suggest that she is anything less than beautiful is absolutely absurd. This girl is stunning. She has an incredible physique and flawless hair. Regardless of your opinion on her appearance, she is far from being unattractive.

Baum has not responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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