Police stopped an 11-year-old boy on M1 while he was Transporting a Caravan in a BMW X5

When authorities pulled over a BMW pulling a caravan in the north of England on Thursday afternoon, they were surprised by what they discovered in the driver’s seat.

North Yorkshire police officers received a report about a stolen caravan from a holiday site near Thirsk, which was being towed away by a black BMW.

They had followed the high-end vehicle, which was using cloned registration plates, heading south on the A1.

Approximately 45 minutes after the caravan was reported stolen, the vehicle was intercepted on the M1 after exiting the A1 near Garforth.

Police officers were surprised to discover an 11-year-old boy seated in the driver’s seat of the BMW.

During the search of the car, authorities discovered items commonly associated with criminal activities and a variety of vehicle registration plates.

The young man was taken into custody for suspected crimes such as theft, burglary, being prepared for theft, and various motoring violations like dangerous driving.

After being questioned, he was released on conditional police bail to give officers more time to investigate the case.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and the owners of the caravan have been informed that their vehicle has been located.

Recently, the force has noticed a rise in caravan thefts in the region.

The article suggests that caravan owners should consider taking precautions to prevent theft, like setting up CCTV, using alarms and tracking devices, and capturing clear photos of their vehicle for easy identification in case of theft.

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