Nigerian Pastor Theo O. Ebonyi was Detained after he Allegedly Defrauded his Congregation of $1 million.

A Nigerian pastor has been apprehended for allegedly deceiving individuals into giving up their money.

Theo O Ebonyi, a prominent figure in Benue state, is facing allegations of defrauding his followers and others of a substantial amount of money.

According to a spokesperson from the anti-corruption authority, news of his detention and subsequent release on bail last year has only recently come to light.

According to Mr Ebonyi, the information being circulated by bloggers is completely false.

He refrained from addressing the accusations made against him.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Nigeria has accused Mr. Ebonyi of soliciting a $1,300 fee from his victims in order to gain access to a $20 billion grant from the US-based Ford Foundation.

However, it states that the foundation did not provide such a grant.

The EFCC stated in a statement that their investigations revealed no connection or involvement between the Ford Foundation and Ebonyi.

“The foundation made it clear that they have no connection with him or his NGO.”

The EFCC claims that Mr Ebonyi, the leader of Faith on the Rock Ministry International church, allegedly used the unlawfully obtained funds to purchase five properties.

The EFCC has announced that he will face charges in court once the investigations are completed. The exact charges he will face remain uncertain.

In a video statement shared by Me Ebonyi on Facebook, he addressed the recent events surrounding his arrest. He expressed his disbelief at the news of his detention, stating that it was fabricated by individuals seeking to profit from his situation. According to him, the reports circulating are completely false.

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According to a statement by EFCC spokesperson Dele Oyewale to Punch newspaper, Mr. Ebonyi had previously been arrested and subsequently released on bail last year.

“He was taken into custody over an extended period, but due to the ongoing investigation, we refrained from making any public announcements,” the spokesperson stated.

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