Common and Drake beefing?

Common and Drake are back at it with the dissing. After Common came out with the diss “Sweet”. Drake went in on him on “Stay Schemin”. Now Common drops his diss on Stay Schemin. Common is going in on Drake, saying how much of a hoe he is and how can he act hard when his music is based around women. Drake put his two cents in saying how Common is acting a like a broad and looking for attention. Now we can all agree that Drake makes music for women and that he is very talented. But so what? Drake makes good music and the shit he talks about is real whether it’s about a woman or not. We know he’s not shooting people up or doing any bad stuff. We know that.  This whole little beef thing between these two is not exciting for the fact the foundation of this beef is based from a woman. Yes, Serena Williams.  We know that Common was dealing with her and so was Drake. So for Common to be so mad at Drake, means Drake had to say something about Common to her and she probably ran back and told Common.  Or whatever was said just got around. Just a thought. But this little thing they got going isn’t entertaining or for that matter, REAL. They just need to meet face to face and squash like real men do. Listen to the Common diss below.

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