Gaza war: Kamala Harris Calls for increased Food help for Gaza’s Desperate Population

Kamala Harris, the US Vice-President, expressed concern over the dire situation in Gaza and called on Israel to enhance the delivery of aid to the region.

She insisted on an urgent ceasefire lasting at least six weeks to secure the release of the hostages.

Israel skipped peace negotiations in Egypt, citing Hamas’ failure to provide a list of remaining hostages.

Hamas informed the BBC that they were unable to do so due to the Israeli bombing.

“It’s practically impossible to determine who is still alive,” stated Dr. Basem Naim, a senior Hamas official.

Hamas’s team and mediators from the US and Qatar are reportedly in Egypt’s capital Cairo for the scheduled talks.

There was increased urgency for a ceasefire agreement following the tragic incident near Gaza City, where over 100 people lost their lives during a chaotic aid convoy situation.

Addressing a gathering in Alabama on Sunday, Ms Harris expressed her concern over the situation in Gaza, describing it as devastating. There have been accounts of families consuming leaves or animal feed, women delivering undernourished babies with minimal medical attention, and children perishing due to malnutrition and dehydration.

“I have repeatedly expressed concern over the high number of innocent Palestinian casualties.”

The vice-president emphasised the importance of taking action based on our shared humanity, echoing President Joe Biden’s dedication to quickly providing essential aid to vulnerable Palestinians.

Ms Harris is scheduled to meet with Benny Gantz in Washington on Monday to discuss a potential ceasefire agreement and enhanced humanitarian assistance for Gaza.

Ms Harris emphasised the importance of reaching an agreement, stating that Hamas must agree to the deal on the table. How about we agree to a truce? It’s time to bring the hostages back to their families and offer urgent assistance to the people of Gaza.

She also emphasised the need for the Israeli government to do more in order to significantly boost the flow of aid. No more excuses.

She addressed a gathering in Selma, Alabama, commemorating the 1965 assault by state troopers on civil rights demonstrators, famously called Bloody Sunday.

An extensive air and ground campaign was initiated by the Israeli military to eliminate Hamas following an attack that resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,200 individuals in southern Israel on 7 October, with 253 individuals being taken as hostages to Gaza.

According to Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry, a significant number of people, including children and women, have lost their lives in Gaza, with many more missing and injured.

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Dr Basem Naim, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, shared with the BBC’s Newshour programme on Sunday that the group could not give Israel a complete list of surviving hostages.

“It’s nearly impossible to determine who has survived due to the impact of the Israeli bombardment and blockade. They are located in various regions with distinct communities.

“We requested a ceasefire to gather that information,” he stated, emphasising that they are unable to agree to any conditions beforehand. He was giving an update from Istanbul.

The UK, US, and their Western allies view Hamas, which is supported by Iran, as a terrorist group.

“Hamas is a ruthless terrorist group that has promised to replicate October 7th repeatedly until Israel is destroyed. Kamala Harris emphasised that Hamas has no regard for innocent life and stated that Hamas is unable to control Gaza.

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