Ian Gelder: The 74-year-old Game of Thrones actor who Portrayed Kevan Lannister Passes away

Ian Gelder at the Olivier Awards in 2022

At the age of 74, Ian Gelder, who portrayed Kevan Lannister in the fantasy television series Game of Thrones, passed away.

With parts in Torchwood, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who, Snatch, The Bill, and other shows, the British actor had a long career.

Five months after being diagnosed with bile duct cancer, Gelder passed away on Monday, as his spouse and fellow actor Ben Daniels shared on Instagram.

He described Gelder as a “absolute rock” and a “wonderful actor”.

Daniels added that his thirty-year spouse had quit working to take care of him and had handled his “dreadful illness with such bravery”.

“He was the kindest, most generous spirited and loving human being,” Daniels wrote.

“He was a wonderful wonderful actor and everyone who worked with him was touched by his heart and light.”

As Kevan Lannister, Gelder starred in five seasons of Game of Thrones. Most recently, he was seen in an episode of the BBC One historical crime thriller Father Brown earlier this year.

Ian Gelder plays Zellin in Doctor Who

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