Banksy: Artist Verifies New London Tree Mural as Original Work

An intriguing revelation has been made by Banksy, who has confirmed his authorship of a fresh artwork that materialized in north London on Sunday.

The street artist shared images of the Finsbury Park mural on social media, showcasing the transformation from start to finish.

A wall is adorned with green paint, cleverly sprayed to mimic foliage, while a stencil of a person holding a pressure hose adds an artistic touch.

A large number of people have come together to witness the mural, and a resident expressed their satisfaction that their street was selected.

“It’s as if the message was meant just for us residents, and it fills us with a sense of pride,” expressed Wanja Sellers, a resident who lives near the mural.

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, expressed his joy upon seeing the artwork in his constituency of Islington North.

“Banksy has brought a touch of nature to Finsbury Park, adding some much-needed greenery to the area.” The MP expressed their delight at representing the most densely populated constituency in the country.

The mural depicts a vibrant burst of green paint on a pristine white wall, complemented by a stencil that embodies the distinctive style associated with Banksy, as described by James Peak, the creator of the BBC Radio 4 series The Banksy Story.

According to him, it is likely that it was created using a pressure hose or fire extinguisher.

The shade of the green paint used perfectly complements the signs in the local area, showcasing Banksy’s renowned attention to detail, as noted by Mr. Peak.

“Upon closer inspection, the tree appears to be coming alive, although its artificial nature is quite evident.”

“It’s spring now, and this tree should be bursting forth with leaves, but someone passing by must have noticed how gloomy it appears,” he said.

Prior to the artist’s confirmation, Islington councillor Flora Williamson expressed her excitement at the prospect of having a piece of artwork in the heart of social housing, particularly in one of the borough’s most economically disadvantaged areas.

“I believe it brings an element of fascination and enriches the local atmosphere,” she expressed.

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The Islington Council has acknowledged the presence of the artwork and has confirmed that it will not be removed by its graffiti removal team.

The council has determined that the cherry tree in the foreground of the artwork is showing signs of age and deterioration, including decay and damage from fungi.

The tree has been regularly maintained and pruned for safety reasons and to extend its lifespan. Efforts will be ongoing to ensure the tree remains healthy.

The artist typically shares updates about his work on his website and social media platforms. Recently, he uploaded images of his latest artwork on Instagram without providing any additional information.

In his post, the tree stands alone against a simple white wall, before the mural was added.

Alex Georgiou, the owner of the building featuring the mural, discovered it late on Sunday night and eagerly visited it the following morning.

According to him, the building is currently empty and available for rent.

“Now that I have this information, what steps should I take?” What should I do with it now? I fully intend to keep it on there and allow people to enjoy it. It’s fantastic to see that everyone is loving it. Honestly, I’m still finding it hard to believe,” he said.

Banksy is widely recognized as a renowned artist, yet his true identity remains a mystery, at least according to official sources.

Some of his notable creations include Kissing Coppers (2004) and Girl with Balloon (2006), which gained attention when it was shredded as part of a stunt after being sold at auction in 2018.

An artwork created by the artist was stolen shortly after being confirmed as authentic in December last year. The piece featured a stop sign adorned with three military drones.

In February, two individuals were re-bailed for theft, as authorities continue their efforts to locate the artwork that was stolen from a street in south London.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Peak highlighted how Banksy cleverly addressed the issue of people attempting to steal his artwork by incorporating a tree into the piece.

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