Allegedly, Pakistani Airstrikes in Afghanistan Killed Eight Civilians, Including Women and Children

There have been reports of casualties resulting from recent air strikes in Afghanistan.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban government, expressed concern over the strikes that occurred near the border with Pakistan during the early hours of the morning.

Pakistan has not provided any comment at this time.

However, this development follows President Asif Ali Zardari’s strong commitment to take decisive action in response to the tragic deaths of seven troops at the hands of unidentified militants on Saturday.

During the funeral of two soldiers, President Zardari emphasized that there would be a strong response, regardless of the group’s origin or country.

The military post was targeted in an attack on Saturday near the Afghan border in north Waziristan. Pakistan claims they were launched from Afghanistan – one of several attacks that have been increasing in recent months, according to its government.

A local government official – who preferred not to be named – informed news agency AFP that the attacks on Khost and Paktika provinces on Monday morning were a response to the deaths that occurred on Saturday.

However, Mr Mujahid cautioned Pakistan against attributing the lack of control and problems in its own territory to Afghanistan, as stated in a release on X (formerly Twitter).

“Such incidents can have severe consequences that will be beyond Pakistan’s control,” he added.

According to his statement, the strikes reportedly targeted residential buildings, resulting in the unfortunate loss of lives, including women and children.

The relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan has become increasingly strained following the Taliban’s resurgence in 2021.

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In recent months, Pakistan implemented measures to ensure that individuals residing within its borders possess the necessary documentation to remain in the country. As a result, a significant number of Afghan nationals were required to depart from Pakistan. Human rights groups expressed strong criticism of the policy, highlighting concerns that it led to the coercion of numerous refugees and asylum seekers, compelling them to depart.

According to caretaker ministers, this decision was made due to security concerns. According to AFP, there have been suggestions by analysts that certain groups have exploited the Taliban’s resurgence. However, the Taliban have firmly denied providing refuge to any militant organizations.

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