Trump dares Biden to Debates ‘anytime’ after Super Tuesday Victory

Donald Trump has proposed TV debates with Joe Biden, as the two candidates move closer to a White House rematch after the Super Tuesday results.

The Republican expressed willingness to participate in a televised forum with the Democratic president at any time and any location, emphasising this message by writing in all capital letters on social media.

According to Mr Biden’s campaign, Mr Trump is seeking attention and facing challenges in broadening his appeal.

There have been no discussions scheduled leading up to the election in November.

Donald Trump’s latest move followed Nikki Haley’s decision to withdraw from the competition for the Republican presidential nomination.

“It’s crucial for the well-being of our nation that Joe Biden and I discuss important issues that are critical to America and the American people,” Mr. Trump shared on his social media platform, Truth Social, shortly after Ms. Haley exited the race.

He mentioned that these discussions could be organised by the Democratic National Committee or the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has managed presidential debates for the past three decades.

According to Mr. Trump, the debate commission, which claims to be non-partisan but is criticised by conservatives for bias, is considered a “subsidiary” of the Democratic party.

Donald Trump, aged 77, has continuously argued that Joe Biden, aged 81, is too old and forgetful to engage in a debate with him. Mr Biden has countered by implying that Mr Trump is senile.

Earlier on Wednesday, the White House press secretary was questioned about the potential impact of refusing a debate on Mr. Biden’s mental sharpness. She recommended that the reporter reach out to the president’s re-election campaign.

The Biden campaign did not confirm if he would take part in a debate with Mr. Trump, but rather recommended that the Republican watch the president’s Thursday evening State of the Union address to Congress.

“We will address that discussion at the right moment during this cycle,” stated Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign.

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If he’s eager to catch President Biden in primetime, he doesn’t need to wait! He can be one of the many Americans who will watch the State of the Union tomorrow night,” he continued.

Mr Trump mentioned that he planned to watch the State of the Union address and respond quickly to Mr Biden’s speech.

Mr Trump faced strong backlash for his decision to not participate in TV debates with his Republican competitors for the party’s White House nomination this election cycle.

He maintained that he had no incentive to participate in those discussions, pointing to his significant advantage in the polls.

During the 2020 election, Mr Biden and Mr Trump engaged in two debates with each other.

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