Rishi Sunak has yet another Political Problem to deal with. It’s Beginning to Look like the Ugly years of John Major

This is a story that’s far from ordinary. Prepare to be amazed by this incredible tale that will leave you speechless.

Last December, Mark Menzies MP reportedly made an early morning phone call to an elderly party volunteer, urgently requesting £5,000 due to a dire situation he found himself in. He claimed to have been detained by individuals he described as “bad people”.

According to The Times, the money was paid by his office manager from her personal account and later reimbursed from funds raised from donors in order to secure his release. The newspaper claims that Mr Menzies received a significant amount of money from campaign funds, which he allegedly used to cover his personal medical expenses.

I must emphasise that these are allegations that Mr. Menzies, the MP for the Lancashire seat of Fylde, vehemently denies.

In a statement to The Times, he expressed his strong disagreement with the allegations made against him. I have followed all the necessary protocols for declarations. Due to an ongoing investigation, I will refrain from providing any additional comments at this time.

However, once the story emerged, Conservative chief whip Simon Hart took action by suspending Mr Menzies from the parliamentary party until the investigation is complete.

This is a major story. Not only due to the shocking and mind-boggling nature of the allegations, but also because of the questions they raise: It’s puzzling why the Conservative Party is only now deciding to suspend the whip, considering this incident occurred more than three months ago. Was there any mishandling of funds and what are the consequences of such actions? Is it possible for Mr Menzies to continue serving as an MP?

And how will this impact the Conservatives, who have been focusing on Angela Rayner’s alleged tax evasion while similar allegations surround one of their own MPs?

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‘Surprised if he lasts the week’

According to Conservative peer Ruth Davidson, Mr Menzies may be forced to resign and call for a by-election in another seat that is considered risky for the Conservatives. This is because the Conservatives currently hold a significant majority of 16,000, a lead that Labour and the Lib Dems have been successfully challenging in recent by-elections.

Ruth Davidson expresses astonishment at the story on Electoral Dysfunction this week, suggesting that Mr Menzies may need to step down. She implies that his tenure may be short-lived.

She remarks: “The Tories were supposedly informed about this three months ago, and this is the first time it has come to light.”

“From the details provided, it appears that this woman informed her local association, expressed her concerns, and subsequently notified the parliamentary authorities.”

“The chief whip then informed CCHQ, which is the headquarters of the Conservative Party.” There have been recent developments and now her statements have been featured in the media.

“So, it seems that there is significant local discontent regarding the treatment they have received from this MP.” It seems like this situation is quite challenging, and it’s hard to imagine that an investigation can be conducted and he can be cleared in time for a general election.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t make it through the week and decides to step down.”

Jess Philips reluctantly concedes and states that he will “be left with no option but to step down and trigger a by-election”.

For Rishi Sunak, another by-election problem is in the works, according to Ruth. Image credit: PA

Given the circumstances, it’s clear that the party and Rishi Sunak will be eager to steer clear of such a situation. The Conservatives have already faced significant setbacks in the three by-elections held this year and are anticipating a loss in Blackpool South next month.

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In the last 18 months, Labour has experienced a significant number of top ten by-election swings, marking a notable trend in their history.

Mr Sunak will be cautious about any further exceptional achievements during this election year.

“I believe Mark Menzies has no intention of leaving at this time. “I don’t believe the Conservatives are interested in holding a by-election so close to a general election,” Ruth explains.

“Indeed, despite their significant majority, the consequences of losing it would be quite unfavourable.”

“Nevertheless, this particular seat may not be the highest priority for the Labour Party in a general election.”

“So it’s likely that they will retain the seat if he remains in that position.” Despite being independent, it is highly probable that the Tories will retain the seat in a general election. If a by-election were to occur, all predictions would be uncertain.”

‘It feels like the world is coming to an end’

Regardless of the future events, it is highly likely that his story will continue to attract significant media attention, causing further complications for the prime minister leading up to the upcoming local elections on 2 May. These additional challenges come at an inconvenient time as he works towards implementing his proposed smoking ban and advancing his flagship Rwanda bill.

Ruth draws parallels between the current string of scandals and the tumultuous era of John Major’s government. During that time, a series of unflattering revelations, ranging from the Neil Hamilton “cash-for-questions” scandal to reports of extramarital affairs, shook the government.

She expresses her belief that within the Tory party, there is a recurring pattern of being hindered just as they gain momentum.

“Additionally, the increasing number of scandals is concerning.”

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“It feels like the world is coming to an end.” It reminds me of a previous era in parliament, from 1992 to 1997.

“It’s quite evident that the party is experiencing internal divisions, becoming more apparent with each passing moment. And, well, it’s likely that you’ll touch upon this, but let’s not forget that Liz Truss has also made her presence known this week. All in all, it hasn’t been a favourable week for the Conservative Party.”

Jess also believes that there is a sense of satisfaction in all of this, considering how eagerly the Conservatives have seized on Angela Rayner’s council house history prior to her becoming an MP.

She stated that the Tories have shown great interest in Angela Rayner’s sale of a council house from nine years ago, which involved her blended family. It is only fair that she addresses these inquiries.

“However, when considering the situation from a different perspective… it’s reminiscent of a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, where someone sets up an incredibly intricate trap only to have an anvil fall on their head.”

“It seems that the Tories have made a misstep in this situation.” It was clear from the start that targeting Angela Rayner in this manner would inevitably backfire.

With the latest updates on Mr Menzies and the attention-grabbing campaign by Liz Truss for her new book Ten Tears To Save The West, there is no shortage of interesting developments to discuss this week.

Let’s take a moment to consider Mr Sunak’s recent challenges. Despite making headway on the smoking ban and diligently working to ease tensions in the Middle East, he finds himself once again caught in the midst of political turmoil.

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