Newham: A Newborn girl was Discovered in a Bag, Wrapped in a Towel

Authorities have reported the discovery of an infant girl, who was found wrapped in a towel inside a shopping bag in Newham east London.

A member of the public in Newham discovered the baby and provided warmth until paramedics arrived.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that she is unharmed and currently receiving medical care in the hospital.

The authorities are urging the mother of the baby to contact them, emphasising that her daughter is safe. They are also encouraging her to seek assistance by dialling 999, regardless of her current situation.

Authorities were alerted at approximately 21:15 GMT on Thursday after a concerned citizen discovered an infant at the intersection of Greenway and High Street South.

According to Ch Supt Simon Crick, the walker’s quick thinking in providing warmth for the little girl played a crucial role in preserving the baby’s life.

He expressed deep concern for the well-being of the mother, emphasising the importance of providing her with immediate medical attention after the birth.

“Trained medical professionals and specialised officers are prepared to provide assistance and we strongly encourage her to contact us by phone or visit the nearest hospital or police station.”

The authorities are also requesting individuals who may have information about the mother to get in touch with them.

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