Met Gala 2024: Sabrina Carpenter, Tyla, and Zendaya rock Striking Ensembles

Flowers? For the springtime? revolutionary.

The Devil Wears Prada’s devil magazine editor Miranda Priestly may not have been impressed by this year’s Met Gala theme, but that hasn’t stopped a number of celebrities from walking the green carpet in their clothing inspired by gardens.

Inspired by J.G. Ballard’s short story of the same name, The Garden of Time, the 2024 dress code asked celebrities to let their imaginations run wild.

The majority of stars interpreted the short story literally, drawing inspiration from flowers, petals, branches, and leaves, while some experimented with the notions of time and history.

Here are 22 of the most striking ensembles:

1. Camila Cabello needs gloves badly.

Stars typically refer to diamonds when they discuss wearing ice. But in Camila Cabello’s instance, she’s talking about real ice water.

“My hands are really cold,” the singer admitted, adding that once she got to the top of the steps, she was going to give the enormous stone to someone else. “I can’t feel my hands.”

Her Ludovic de Saint Sernin gown, which reportedly took more than 450 hours to produce and had 250,000 crystals, was adorned with a big block of ice with a rose in the centre.

2. Levy and Edebiri divided into two groups.

Actor and writer Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek and actress Ayo Edebiri of The Bear both chose to keep their flowery ensembles low key, wearing traditional-looking tops that burst at the waist.

Edebiri wore a column dress that was backless and had a hand-embroidered floral pattern that was meant to look like it was growing gradually.

Similar to this, Levy’s outfit had a traditional suit-like upper portion that gave way to a vibrant floral pattern at the bottom.

3. Demi Moore is prepared for an archery lesson.

Even though she neglected to bring a bow to go with her arrows, Demi Moore had one of the best looks of the evening, so we have to give her that.

Massive pink roses fashioned from old archival wallpaper covered the actress’s Harris Reed-designed velvet gown.

According to Reed, the dress required over 5,000 hours of work to complete, and it was intentionally constructed with the flowers appearing to deteriorate as the design extended down the dress.

4. Lana Del Rey made a move

Singer Lana Del Rey made the decision to completely revamp her wardrobe after deciding she didn’t want to attend the Met Gala in 2018.

She wore a silk, double georgette, and tulle corseted outfit. The outfit was a nod to an almost twenty-year-old Alexander McQueen design that Seán McGirr, the fashion house’s current creative director, updated.

The unique headdress, however, which was constructed from real hawthorn branches, was the focal point.

5. Lea Michele was radiant.

An illuminating Two months after revealing her second pregnancy, Lea Michele rocked the red carpet in a Rodarte turquoise gown with a tulle cape.

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With a kid named Ever Leo, age three, the Glee actress and her spouse Zandy Reich declared themselves “overjoyed” to be expecting once more.

6. Nicki Minaj may need watering

Nicki Minaj is your girl if you’ve ever needed someone to send you flowers in the pouring rain.

The singer wore one of the night’s most vibrant and dedicated looks—a yellow Marni minidress embellished with three-dimensional metal flowers in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Her look was completed by a bob hairstyle with an arched bubble ponytail.

7. A flower was brought by Bad Bunny.

Was it apparent from Bad Bunny’s appearance that he had taken his suit jacket off the sewing machine before the tailor had completed it? Indeed. Still, he looked fantastic.

The rapper and musician wore a navy blue, handmade Maison Margiela suit with white threading that resembled pinstripes, inspired by the Renaissance.

He was wearing a jacket made of the same material as the flowers in it, which were supposedly meant to seem like a combination of roses, Puerto Rico’s national flower, Flor de Maga, and the flax plant that Sleeping Beauty wounded her finger on in the story.

The latter alludes to the recently opened Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which examines important works from four centuries.

8. Seyfried went silver

The Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried looked stunning in a shimmering metallic gown with floral appliques, surpassing even a giant roll of non-stick tinfoil.

Even though Seyfried’s matching platinum hair and gemstone headpiece, which resembled leaves on a vine, drew attention, the Elizabeth Stewart dress was not the focus of attention.

9.Lil Nas X was spot on

The rapper and musician was dressed in a white suit by Luar with curving button lines and asymmetrical panels of shimmering silver sequin fabric.

We believe the ensemble could have benefited from a few more marigolds to comply with the dress code, but we’ll make due with the one white rose that adorned his collar.

Lil Nas X said to BBC’s Brandon Drenon while on the green carpet that he had thought about going earlier in the day but had finally chosen to go because, well, “you know what, I wanna go, this is always a really nice opportunity to be a part of the cool kids club.”

10.Rebecca Ferguson had a hunger pang

When you may honour the birds that soar among them, why dress like flowers and trees?

Actress Rebecca Ferguson wore a simple black robe when she made her debut at the Met Gala on Monday.

However, when she opened it later, the actress showed off a stunning blue Thom Browne gown embellished with black ravens—a striking ensemble for her first Met Gala.

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11. Sydney Sweeney debuted a new aesthetic

Sydney Sweeney looked stunning in a powder blue Miu Miu gown with black flower branches, looking as ready for the Met Gala as she is to clean up after herself.

The Euphoria actress gave up her typical blonde hair in lieu of black, which conveniently matched the colour of her rubber gloves.

12. Doja Cat came straight from the shower

When the singer and rapper arrived, she had one towel wrapped around her waist and one on her head. However, she eventually threw them aside to show an oversized white T-shirt that was drenched in water.

She might have been showing you what to expect if you go outside in your yard in April in the UK.

Pat McGrath, a British makeup artist, gave her eyes a bronzed look with mascara that seemed to be streaming out of them.

13.The show was stolen by Josh O’Connor’s sneakers.

We must enlarge on Josh O’Connor’s shoes, even though the rest of his ensemble is gorgeous.

The photographers were particularly drawn to the Crown actor’s shoes because of their striking floral designs, even though he was wearing a custom Loewe with an avant-garde tail train.

14. Tyla was a sand sculpture

For her first ever Met Gala, singer Tyla enlisted Balmain for a dress made of sand – a reference to the sands of time.

“We were looking to do something creative, something completely different for my first Met Gala,” Tyla told Vogue.

“I thought the idea and sketch by Balmain was ideal as soon as I saw them. Though absurd, I adored the concept.”

Though it was an inventive concept, Tyla’s mobility was severely limited, requiring assistance for her to ascend the stairs.

15.Uma Thurman communicated with a vanished butterfly

In honour of the insects, the Kill Bill actress and Tory Burch collaborated to create a purple and blue taffeta dress embellished with three-dimensional butterflies.

According to Burch, he was initially inspired by the American Xerces Blue butterfly, which is now extinct. “It had the most extraordinary iridescent blue wings that reminded me of Uma’s eyes,” he told Vogue.

16. Adwoa Aboah revealed her pregnancy

At the Met Gala the previous year, Serena Williams and Karlie Kloss showed off their growing baby bulges. It was Adwoa Aboah’s turn this year.

The British model announced she was expecting her first child while wearing a red H&M skirt and ruffled crop top.

But her makeup, or lack thereof, attracted the attention of admirers as well. Aboah chose a nearly all-natural appearance, saving her crimson lipstick for the Met Gala.

17. How wicked did Ariana and Cynthia look?

Get used to seeing these two together because they recently wrapped up a film that will probably be one of the biggest releases of the year.

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The highly successful stage musical Wicked will be adapted into a movie, starring Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, and released in theatres in November.

Grande looked stunning in a white Loewe gown at the Met Gala, while Erivo looked amazing in a Thom Browne ensemble that included pink petals and dispersed insects.

18. Gigi Hadid wore yellow roses

The Met Gala is nothing new to Gigi Hadid; in fact, it might not be the same without her.

The model looked stunning in a flowing white Thom Browne gown this year, adorned with a striking yellow rose pattern.

The outfit was made entirely by hand by a team of approximately 70 individuals in 13,500 hours.

19. Gwendoline Christie went theatrical

The Game of Thrones actress appeared as though she had just finished playing a nasty fairy tale queen.

Christie looks fierce in her red dress by Maison Margiela, complete with a black sheer striped cloak. She will definitely be noticed for Tim Burton’s upcoming film.

20. Cardi B missed the memo about the flowers

We’re not sure how her attire related to the theme, but it doesn’t really matter because Cardi B’s arrival can always make things better.

For a brief moment, the star’s custom-made black gown from Chinese designer Windowsen commandeered the entire landing.

We saw that nine men were assisting with her outfit.

21. Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan made their red carpet debut

Sabrina Carpenter chose an Oscar de la Renta dress with an orchid-inspired bouffant skirt for her Met Gala ensemble.

Carpenter has been dating Saltburn actor Barry Keoghan for the past few months; Keoghan also wore a Burberry suit to the Met Gala.

The couple seized the chance to walk the red carpet together and posed for photos atop the well-known staircase.

22. Zendaya sprung a costume change

The actress, who recently starred in Dune: Part Two and Challengers, was one of the co-chairs of this year’s Met Gala

Zendaya looked stunning in an emerald green and royal blue dress designed by John Galliano, which was based on a 1999 Dior piece. The outfit’s details appeared to be inspired by fruit trees.

However, the world’s sexiest celebrity at the moment wasn’t finished.

She came back for an encore about two hours after she first walked the red carpet, sporting a fresh dress, new makeup, and an entirely different attitude.

When Zendaya made a comeback, she was sporting a full bouquet of flowers atop her head and a black gown from the Givenchy era designed by John Galliano from 1996.

Flowers? For the springtime? We apologise; we’re here to help, Miranda.

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