Mauricio Pochettino Claims that it is Impossible to not Consider hat-trick hero Cole Palmer a Quality Player

Mauricio Pochettino is impressed with Cole Palmer’s performance, considering him a standout player.

Palmer’s hat-trick played a crucial role in Chelsea’s thrilling victory over Manchester United.

The 21-year-old’s last two goals were scored in stoppage time, with the winning goal being the latest ever scored in Premier League history, coming at 100 minutes and 39 seconds.

Palmer has joined the ranks of four players who have scored 16 goals in the Premier League this season, placing him just two goals behind Erling Haaland in the Golden Boot race.

When he joined Chelsea on deadline day for a deal worth £42.5m, some people were sceptical about the fee. However, it has become clear that the investment was a great deal.

“His mentality and capacity to handle pressure are truly remarkable,” Pochettino praised.

“He’s quite young and it seems like this is his first season where he’s been able to maintain a consistent level of play.” I’m impressed by his ability to handle the intense scrutiny. That player has the potential to be exceptional.

“Based on today’s performance, it’s undeniable that he is a top player.”

Palmer’s impressive performances have secured him a call-up to the senior England team this season, increasing his chances of being selected for the final squad as Gareth Southgate’s side prepares for the Euros this summer.

He has been in exceptional form lately, scoring six goals in his last four Premier League games and also contributing two assists. It’s clear that he is the standout player in this Chelsea team.

“The effect is truly remarkable. He is excelling in his role, making it challenging to elaborate further on his accomplishments. According to Pochettino, he demonstrated both the mentality and the quality today.

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“I told Cole to wait for two more minutes and trust.”

Palmer’s hat-trick marks a significant milestone in his senior football career. In terms of penalties, Palmer’s impressive record of eight successful conversions puts him in the company of Yaya Toure (11) and Dimitar Berbatov (nine) as the top performers in the league.

“Exciting match.” When we scored in the 98th minute, I felt a surge of excitement and determination. “Madness,” Palmer exclaimed.

“I was unsure of how to proceed. I was in motion when I managed to score. A hat-trick is a remarkable achievement. I’m thrilled about my first one, it’s such a great achievement!

“I incurred a few penalties this season. I will persist in my efforts to achieve them. If I receive penalties, my intention is to score, not to miss.

“When we scored, Pochettino urged us to keep pushing for the win.” He’s constantly pushing us forward. We took the opportunity and fortunately we succeeded.

“It’s a major success. This is a significant boost in momentum. It brings joy to everyone. Hopefully we can make progress.

Chelsea will face Sheffield United, who are currently at the bottom of the table, in an away match on Sunday. The team aims to climb up the table and secure a spot in European competitions.

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