Keoyoung Sun: South Korean Flagged Ship Sinks near Japan’s Western Coast

Several sailors have been successfully rescued following the capsizing of a South Korean-flagged tanker near the western coast of Japan, while the search continues for three missing crew members.

An unfortunate incident occurred off Yamaguchi prefecture when the Keoyoung Sun overturned after the crew sent out a distress call at around 07:00 on Wednesday (22:00 GMT Tuesday). The Japanese coast guard dispatched boats and aircraft to provide assistance.

According to reports, the ship was forced to remain at anchor due to inclement weather.

There is currently no information regarding the cargo.

The vessel is classified as a “oil/chemical tanker” on shipping websites.

The rescue operation is currently underway near the city of Shimonoseki.

According to reports from Japanese media, the crew is made up of individuals from various nationalities, including Koreans, Indonesians, and a Chinese citizen.

Strong winds of up to 54km (33 miles) per hour were recorded in the area on Wednesday.

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