“I despise the PM”: George Galloway Retaliates on ‘little’ Rishi Sunak Following the ‘Alarming’ Rochdale Victory

George Galloway expressed strong disapproval towards Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during an interview with Sky News, particularly in response to the prime minister’s speech denouncing extremism.

The leader of the Workers Party of Britain emerged victorious in the Rochdale by-election, securing 12,335 votes, which was over 5,000 votes ahead of independent candidate David Tully. His campaign largely centred on raising awareness about the situation of Palestinians in Gaza.

During Mr Sunak’s address outside Downing Street, he expressed deep concern over Mr Galloway’s return to parliament, stating that the new MP downplays the seriousness of the events on 7 October and praises Hezbollah.

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When questioned by Sky News’ Sam Coates about his feelings towards Mr. Sunak, the Rochdale MP responded firmly: “I have no respect for the prime minister.”

“And guess what?” There is widespread dislike for the prime minister among a large number of people in this country.

“I have no respect for the prime minister whatsoever.”

‘Little’ Rishi Sunak

Addressing reporters in his campaign headquarters, Mr Galloway brushed off the prime minister’s worries, choosing to highlight his victory on Thursday evening.

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“I have the democratic mandate here, not Rishi Sunak,” he stated firmly, “so please do not present statements made by Rishi Sunak to me as if I am supposed to be impressed by them.”

“He fails to make a strong impression on me.”

The prime minister was described in a colourful way as the “little” Tory leader, with the speaker adding that they are a rather diminutive, diminished, and degraded politician.

He delivered a political statement at a party. I am not interested in Rishi Sunak’s demeanour. I am focused on the fact that the returning officer, a man of unquestionable integrity I’m certain you’ll concur, announced it as a legitimate and just election with me as the victor.

“Rishi Sunak emerged victorious over the two major political parties in the state.”

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‘Suck it up’

Others shared the prime minister’s worries about the former Labour MP’s comeback to the House of Commons.

Sir Keir Starmer expressed regret to voters for the outcome in Rochdale, attributing Mr. Galloway’s victory to Labour’s absence of a candidate.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews expressed concern over the by-election, stating that it was a troubling day for the UK’s Jewish community.

Richard Tice also stated that campaigners for Reform faced “daily intimidation and slurs” in the Greater Manchester constituency.

However, when questioned by Mr. Coates regarding the accusations of intimidation, Mr. Galloway responded: “You just have to accept it. I emerged victorious in the election.”

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