Bondi Junction Mall Attack: ‘Obvious’ killer targeted Women, Sydney police claim

According to authorities, the individual responsible for the stabbing spree at a Sydney shopping centre seemed to have specifically chosen women as his targets.

Joel Cauchi, 40, caused chaos and fear at the bustling Westfield Bondi Junction complex over the weekend as he indiscriminately attacked multiple individuals with a long blade.

Tragically, the majority of the victims were women. Several others, including a baby girl, sustained injuries.

According to the police commissioner of New South Wales, it was clear that Mr. Cauchi had a particular focus on women.

Tragically, the attack claimed the life of Faraz Tahir, a brave security guard who courageously attempted to intervene.

Additional individuals affected include Jade Young, 47; Pikria Darchia, 55; Dawn Singleton, 25; Ashlee Good, 38; and Yixuan Cheng, who is believed to be in her 20s.

“The videos are quite self-explanatory, aren’t they?” Commissioner Karen Webb stated.

“It’s clear to me, and to the detectives, that the perpetrator specifically targeted women while avoiding men.

“It remains unclear what motivated the offender, highlighting the significance of detectives dedicating ample time to interviewing individuals familiar with him.”

Joel Cauchi killed five women and one man before being shot dead

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed his concern about the gender breakdown in a recent interview with ABC News.

Officials had previously stated that the incident was likely connected to Mr. Cauchi’s mental health. He was fatally shot by a single police officer on Saturday.

According to his father, Andrew Cauchi, his son had been struggling with mental illness and had recently stopped taking his medication.

“To some, he is seen as a monster. In a video shared by The Australian newspaper, he mentioned that the boy was extremely ill.

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“He expressed a desire for a romantic partner, but unfortunately lacks the necessary social skills. This led to his frustration,” he explained, when questioned about his son’s potential motives for targeting women.

Described by her family as an exceptional individual, Ms Good tragically lost her life while bravely defending her nine-month-old baby girl, who also sustained injuries and was quickly taken to the hospital. State officials have reported a significant improvement in the baby’s condition following hours of emergency surgery.

“During challenging times, moments of hope can emerge, bringing a sense of relief to our entire nation,” stated Ryan Park, the Health Minister of New South Wales, on Monday.

Mr Albanese confirmed that Ms Cheng was a student from China who was studying in Sydney. According to ABC News, members of her family have been notified of her passing and are currently en route to Australia.

Ms Singleton, the daughter of prominent Sydney businessman John Singleton, was working when the attack occurred. Her fiance, a police officer, was on duty when her family received the devastating news of her tragic death amidst the chaos.

According to the prime minister, Mr Tahir, a refugee from Pakistan, had recently arrived in Australia. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Australia, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, honoured the 30-year-old as a hero who selflessly sacrificed his life to protect others.

The boss of Ms Young, an architect and mother of two, has shared a heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram, describing her as “a beautiful, kind and warm soul.”

There is limited information available about Ms Darchia, who identifies as an artist on LinkedIn and is said to be from Tbilisi in Georgia.

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Twelve individuals, consisting of nine women, two men, and a nine-month-old girl, sustained injuries during the incident that occurred on Saturday. Four individuals have been released from the hospital, while eight others are still receiving care. Their conditions vary from serious to stable, as reported by local media.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway, led by a dedicated strike force. The New South Wales Police have stated that the findings may not be available for several months.

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns expressed deep concern over the “disturbing and aggressive incident” that has left the entire city in shock. In response, he has initiated a A$18m ($11.6m; £9.3m) investigation into the police’s handling of the situation, as well as the killer’s prior interactions with government agencies.

Additionally, he mentioned the idea of creating a lasting memorial at Bondi to honour the six victims.

Mr Cauchi was already familiar to law enforcement, although he had not faced any arrests or charges in his home state of Queensland. According to Queensland Police, he had been living a nomadic lifestyle for several years and received his first mental illness diagnosis at the age of 17.

When questioned about Mr Cauchi’s encounters with New South Wales Police, assistant commissioner Anthony Cooke mentioned that he was only aware of a situation where Mr Cauchi was asked to move along while he was sleeping rough.

According to Mr. Park, there is currently no evidence indicating that Mr. Cauchi sought treatment for mental health problems in New South Wales. However, a thorough investigation into his background will be conducted.

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The incident, which occurred at a prominent shopping centre in Australia, has left the nation in disbelief. Such acts of violence are infrequent in the country.

Flags across the country were lowered to half-mast on Monday, while the Sydney Opera House will be illuminated as a tribute to the victims.

A large number of mourners have gathered at Bondi Junction, offering flowers, teddy bears, and cards to honour those who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

“Glorious beings, soaring through the sky. “Rest in peace,” says one.

“My heart goes out to all the families and our community… we stand in solidarity with you all,” adds another.

Victims are directly addressed in other messages. “Yixuan Cheng – I apologise for not being able to assist you.” I apologise for not offering you my support. “You are in a better place now,” says one small note, attached to a bouquet.

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