The Precise date the UK will Face 10 days of rain

Since it’s going to turn rather wet, we hope you made the most of the dry weekend.

A wet spell is expected to begin on Thursday and last for ten days over much of the nation, according to forecasters.

In fact, the BBC Weather predicts that it will rain every day in a number of UK locations, including London, Bristol, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Manchester.

In certain regions, such as Wales and northwest England, where rainy weather is predicted to arrive today, the rain is expected to start even sooner.

The first part of the week will see slightly below average temperatures (between 9 and 12°C), but frigid breezes will make it feel even colder.

In North Wales and Scotland, cold nights with lows as low as -2°C may also bring snow and frost to higher terrain.

Beginning on Thursday, the temperature should feel a little warmer before rising once more by the end of the month.

For instance, from next Monday until about May 4, London is expected to see an average temperature of 17°C.

The Met Office predicts that from that point on, temperatures will likely remain at or slightly above average for that time of year, rising by an average of 1°C every week.

The Met Office estimates that the south will receive an average amount of rain in the first few days of May, while the north may receive somewhat less than normal.

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