Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Horrifying audio is leaked, and Details of six people who are thought to be deceased surface

The search for the six construction workers, who are believed to have lost their lives in the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, has resumed on Wednesday morning.

As more information becomes available, details are emerging about their identities and the loved ones they leave behind.

Telemundo Washington D.C. has identified one of the missing Brawner Builders employees as Miguel Luna, a 49-year-old from El Salvador. According to his relatives, Luna has six children. According to the country’s foreign ministry, two Guatemalans aged 26 and 35 are currently missing. A colleague has informed The Associated Press that the six individuals were taking a break and sitting in their trucks when the disaster occurred.

“Yesterday, I dedicated a significant portion of my time to being with the families, offering prayers and seeking peace on their behalf.” During an interview on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore discussed the transition from a search and rescue mission to a recovery mission. He emphasized the extensive efforts made by air, land, and sea to carry out the initial search and rescue operation. “Our utmost priority is to provide them with a sense of closure in this tragic incident. We will spare no effort in achieving this goal.”

“These divers are currently in the water.” “In complete darkness, where their visibility is limited to just a few feet ahead,” Moore added. “Given the challenging conditions of cold water temperatures and heavy tides, the immense appreciation our entire state holds for these divers and first responders knows no bounds.”

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According to diplomats, individuals from Honduras and Mexico are also reported to be among the missing. According to The Associated Press, the individual in question has been identified as Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval.

“They only provide us with limited updates, stating that we must be patient and that they are unable to disclose any information at this time,” Luna’s wife María del Carmen Castellón shared with Telemundo Washington D.C. “We are deeply saddened and filled with sorrow as our hearts ache with uncertainty about their rescue.” We are eagerly anticipating the latest updates.”

The operators of the Dali cargo ship made a distress call indicating that the vessel had lost power just before the collision. Despite this, the ship continued to approach the bridge at an extremely high speed, according to Maryland Governor Wes Moore’s statement on Tuesday.

A massive ship collided with a support of the bridge, resulting in the immediate collapse of a significant section into the water.

During the collapse, an emergency responder mentioned on dispatch audio that construction workers were operating on the bridge. Unfortunately, it is unclear how many of those workers ended up in the water. That led to a request for a dive team.

During the incident in Maryland, there was a recording of a police officer requesting assistance and directing traffic on the Key Bridge. Due to an ongoing situation with a ship’s steering, it is necessary to temporarily halt all traffic until the issue is resolved.

“If we can stop traffic, just make sure no one is on the bridge right now. There is a crew out there, you might want to notify whoever the foreman is, see if we can get them off the bridge temporarily,” he adds.

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“10-4, once the other unit gets here I’ll ride up on the bridge. I have all inner loop traffic stopped at this time” an officer responds.

But less than a minute later, an officer is heard saying in the dispatch audio that “The whole bridge just fell down! Start whoever, everybody — the whole bridge just collapsed!” 

“Do if we know all traffic was stopped?” one of the officers asks. 

“I’m sorry, sir, but I’m unable to reach the other side. The bridge is currently out of service,” another person informs.

The bridge collapsed shortly after the initial call to stop traffic.

“They prevented vehicles from accessing the bridge.” According to Moore, if it weren’t for the actions of the police officers and law enforcement officers, the incident that occurred would have been even more disastrous. Moore shared this information during an interview with Fox News.

According to a statement from the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry, two individuals from San Luis, Petén and Camotán, Chiquimula, are currently missing after an accident involving a cargo ship on the Patapsco River. The incident occurred on Tuesday, March 26, when the ship lost control and collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

“The Guatemalans were among a group of eight workers who were involved in repairing the asphalt on the bridge when the accident occurred,” it stated. “Two individuals were saved, although one of them is currently in a critical state.”

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