AKA Murder: Six People Arrested for South African Rapper’s Death

Six individuals have been taken into custody in relation to the tragic deaths of the famous South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, also known as AKA, and his dear friend, celebrity chef and entrepreneur Tebello “Tibz” Motshoane.

A year ago, the two individuals were shot outside a restaurant in Durban, a tragic event that deeply affected the people of South Africa.

Authorities reported that individuals were hired to attack AKA, but no reason was disclosed.

Throughout his career, he achieved success with collaborations with Burna Boy from Nigeria.

The individuals, all under 36 years old, are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

“It was evident that AKA was under surveillance at the airport and Tibz was not the primary focus in the homicide on Florida Road in Durban,” stated Lt Gen Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, the KwaZulu-Natal provincial police commissioner, during a press conference on Tuesday evening.

“They were definitely compensated for this,” stated Lt Gen Mkwananzi.

According to him, the six accused individuals had various roles in the plan to harm AKA.

The individuals currently in custody consist of two individuals who shot at the victims, two individuals who tracked AKA from Durban’s airport, someone who provided the firearms for the attack, and the mastermind.

Some of the suspects are also connected to other murder cases that are not related to these killings.

Two individuals were discovered in a hideout in neighbouring Eswatini after a raid conducted by Interpol over the weekend.

They showed up at a magistrate’s court in Eswatini on Tuesday. Efforts are being made to transfer the pair to South Africa to stand trial for murder.

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Lt Gen Mkhwanazi mentioned that reports from the local media about the arrest might have alerted a seventh suspect, who is currently evading capture.

Items found during the arrests consist of four vehicles, guns connected to the homicides of AKA and Motshoane, and spent cartridges.

Police Minister Bheki Cele recognised the impact of the recent incident involving AKA and his friend, captured on CCTV cameras, on the public in a country with high murder rates.

“I trust South Africans will rest easier after this,” he remarked.

Considering the reason the minister mentioned that it will be revealed in court.

We are all curious to find out the motive behind it. It’s evident that this wasn’t a situation where someone woke up angry in the morning. You can observe that in the preparation and organisation.

AKA started his music career as a member of the rap group Entity before venturing into a successful solo career, earning multiple awards in South Africa for his music.

He also gained international recognition, receiving multiple award nominations from Black Entertainment Television (BET) and MTV Europe. He was honoured posthumously at the BET Hip Hop Awards last year.

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