Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Speculation Grows Again Over Next James Bond

Rumors are swirling once more about the next actor to portray James Bond, with reports suggesting that British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been extended an offer for the iconic role.

According to a report from The Sun, an actor known for their roles in Kick-Ass and Marvel films has been offered the opportunity to portray the iconic 007 spy, previously portrayed by Daniel Craig.

Craig departed from the role in 2021 after his impressive tenure of starring in five films spanning over 16 years.

The upcoming Bond film will be the 26th installment, following No Time to Die.

The BBC has reached out to Taylor-Johnson and Eon Productions for a statement.

Taylor-Johnson recently expressed his appreciation for the way people perceive him in a certain role, which he found to be charming and wonderful. This came in response to the rumors linking him to the next Bond.

“I consider it a tremendous compliment,” he remarked.

The actor, at the age of 33, gained recognition for his portrayal of John Lennon in the biopic Nowhere Boy back in 2009. Currently, he is the top choice among bookmakers for the role.

He has an impressive filmography that includes starring roles in Nocturnal Animals, Anna Karenina, Godzilla, and Tenet. He even won a Golden Globe for his performance in Nocturnal Animals in 2017.

Superman was portrayed by Henry Cavill in several films, including Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman

In the past three years, numerous individuals have been considered as potential successors to Craig, who is widely regarded as a difficult act to follow.

According to Mark O’Connell, author of Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan, a new Bond entails more than just a fancy suit and a watch endorsement.

“He is widely recognized as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, representing the world of film and television, and serving as a spokesperson for various media platforms. He is highly regarded as a cultural icon and plays a significant role in a thriving market of merchandise and brand partnerships.”

“He should be easily recognizable worldwide as James Bond.”

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“He should possess a captivating appearance, possess the skills to handle the camera, and command the attention of audiences on massive cinema screens.”

‘Incredibly thrilling’

Henry Cavill, known for his roles in Super Man and Mission: Impossible, was previously considered for the role of Bond before Daniel Craig was cast.

In an interview with GQ in 2020, he expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to portray Bond, describing it as an incredibly thrilling prospect.

There is a contender who is considered to be one of the youngest in the field, at the age of 32. His name is Damson Idris.

He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal in the popular US TV crime drama Snowfall, which captivated audiences for a remarkable six seasons from 2017 to 2023. In addition, he starred as the main character in Netflix’s sci-fi action film Outside the Wire.

James Norton, who recently appeared in the stage production of A Little Life and was part of the cast of the 2019 film Little Women, is also a popular choice among bookies.

The 38-year-old actor has appeared in several intense TV dramas such as McMafia and Happy Valley.

In 2018, he addressed speculations about his potential role as the next Bond, stating, “There’s always a certain level of speculation.” However, that’s just mere speculation. It’s quite flattering and humbling to hear such speculation.

However, it is important to note that a significant amount can occur within a span of six years.

In the 2016 BBC series War and Peace, James Norton portrayed Prince Andrei Bolkonsky

Other notable names that have been mentioned include Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans.

However, Elba, who is 51 years old, admitted that he might be considered “too old” for the role, considering that if he were to stay on as long as Daniel Craig did, he would be 66.

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After his phenomenal success as Stringer Bell on The Wire, Idris Elba was the clear favorite to play the part for a while

Producers don’t always go for the most well-known actor for a role. For example, Daniel Craig’s name wasn’t the first one that came to mind after Pierce Brosnan’s last Bond film in 2002.

By the way, Brosnan recently shared with the BBC that he believes his fellow Irishman and Oscar winner Cillian Murphy would be an exceptional choice for the role of 007.

Brosnan has expressed his admiration for Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page, suggesting that he would be a great fit for the role of Bond.

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