UK May see Wall of Intense Rain as Met Office issues Flood Risk alert

Heavy rain is set to bring flooding to parts of the UK, the Met Office has warned.

Throughout Wales and the southwest of England, a yellow rain warning is in effect from Wednesday at midnight to noon.

There is a chance that houses and commercial buildings will flood, disrupting other services like power.

Longer travel times could result from affected bus and train services.

According to meteorologist Greg Dewhurst from the Met Office, there is a possibility of 10 to 20mm of rain in western parts of the UK.

“However, in the elevated areas of Wales and south-west England, there is a possibility of receiving 40 to 50mm of rain, with some areas potentially getting 60 to 70mm.”

He said the heavy rainfall could cause some flooding.

“This comes after a wet winter and month, so there is a possibility of flooding tomorrow morning.”

In the afternoon, there will be a break from the rain, and some areas of the country will experience sunny spells.

“It will be much brighter in the afternoon through Wednesday with sunny spells,” he mentioned.

“It may take a while for the clouds to clear across certain central southern parts of the UK, so it’s possible that it will remain overcast in this area. Additionally, some parts of southern England could experience rain throughout the day.”

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Expect strong winds that may result in gales along coastal regions.

Temperatures throughout the nation are expected to vary from 12C to 14C, according to the report.

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