Tragic Bombs rock Balochistan Just one Day Before Pakistani Election

On the eve of national elections, officials in Pakistan’s Balochistan region reported that at least 22 people had been killed in two bomb attacks.

Fourteen individuals were murdered in the initial explosion that occurred near the Pishin district party headquarters of an independent candidate.

Roughly 150 kilometres (93 miles) distant, in the Qillah Saif Ullah district, a second blast killed eight people. The two explosions harmed a large number of people.

Violence and allegations of vote-rigging have tainted the election.

The attack in Pishin, a town located about 50km from the city of Quetta and 100km south-east of the Afghan border, has not been claimed by any group so far. The provincial authorities have reported that 25 individuals have also sustained injuries.

Images circulating on social media depict the devastating aftermath of a powerful explosion, with vehicles shattered and torn apart. The incident occurred outside the election office of a local independent candidate, where officials informed the BBC that he was meeting his polling agent at the time.

More information about the second blast is still coming to light. According to a senior police official, the incident occurred in the main bazaar of Qillah Saif Ullah, specifically targeting the election office of the JUI-F party.

Violent incidents have occurred in both Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces in the past week, leading up to Thursday’s vote.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the explosions, while those who were injured have been swiftly taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention.

The Balochistan government confirmed that the vote would proceed as scheduled.

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“We are committed to ensuring that terrorists do not disrupt or harm this vital democratic process,” stated Jan Achakzai, the provincial information minister, on X, previously known as Twitter.

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