The Supply of F-35 Fighter Parts to Israel has been Ordered to cease by a Dutch Court

A Dutch appeals court has ruled that the government must prevent the shipment of parts for F-35 fighter aircraft to Israel due to concerns of potential violations of international law.

The court ruled in favour of human rights groups who contended that the supplies obtained from a Dutch warehouse played a role in Israel’s alleged violations of the law in Gaza.

Israel refutes allegations of war crimes.

According to the health ministry in Gaza, over 28,100 Palestinians have lost their lives in a span of just over four months.

Israel initiated its operations in Gaza following a tragic incident on 7 October, where a significant number of lives were lost and many innocent individuals were taken captive.

“The Appeals Court in The Hague has stated that there is an undeniable risk of the exported F-35 parts being used in serious violations of international humanitarian law.”

The court emphasised that Israel needs to consider the impact on civilians during its attacks.

The Dutch government is required to adhere to the order within a week, although it does have the option to file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

The case against was filed by various organisations, including the Dutch branch of Oxfam, in December.

Following the Dutch government’s decision to allow the export licence for F-35 parts to Israel to proceed, despite Israel’s ongoing siege on Gaza, the situation unfolded.

A lower court had previously determined that their export was predominantly a political decision and that judicial intervention should be avoided, despite acknowledging the likelihood of F-35s contributing to violations of the laws of war.

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The F-35 parts, owned by the US, are stored at a warehouse in the Netherlands before being shipped to various countries, including Israel.

In another case, the UN’s highest court recently ruled that Israel must take all necessary actions to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague has issued an order in response to South Africa’s request. The court has called for an immediate halt to Israel’s military action while it considers whether Israel has engaged in genocide.

Israel strongly denied the accusation, stating it had no basis.

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