South Africa: Dozens are trapped After a Deadly Building Collapse

Deadly building collapse leaves dozens trapped

Five people were killed and at least fifty more were left trapped when a five-story building that was under construction collapsed in South Africa. Rescue crews are still looking for survivors.

According to George, Western Cape province officials, twenty-four victims have been extracted from the debris and transported to medical facilities.

On Monday afternoon, the structure collapsed, leaving about seventy-five staff members on the site.

The occurrence in the seaside city is being looked into as to what caused it.

At 14:09 local time (12:09 GMT), the structure fell, prompting emergency personnel to arrive on the scene.

Out of the 22 individuals extracted from the debris, two perished due to their wounds. Three more deaths were subsequently reported.

George Mayor Ald Van Wyk remarked, “Our thoughts are with the families and all those affected who continue to wait for word of their loved ones.”

Scent-seeking dogs were used by over a hundred rescuers to search for those who were confined to the building during the night. The operation is being assisted by heavy lifting equipment.

Authorities reported that they had managed to get in touch with a few people who were buried beneath the debris.

Images of the demolished construction site have surfaced, revealing sections of the building’s roof resting on the debris.

“I noticed that one man was working, and then all of a sudden, the structure collapsed… I’m traumatised as well. Local councilwoman Theresa Jeyi was cited by the Reuters news agency as stating, “It is very sad.”

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