Linda Hamilton, star of “Terminator,” Postponed retirement to work on “Stranger Things”

The sci-fi blockbuster “The Terminator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 1984 launched Linda Hamilton’s career.

However, the 67-year-old was prepared to step away from the industry and her renowned role as Sarah Connor after starring in the most recent installment of the genre, “Terminator: Dark Fate,” in 2019.

“I don’t feel remorse about much. “I believe that ultimately, we regret the things we chose not to do rather than the things we did,” she stated in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking about “Dark Fate,” she went on, “I’m very happy I made the trip back. I can’t say I adore the movie, but that’s only because I was so tied to it. I liked [director Tim Miller], I loved my girls [Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes]. It was something I witnessed once. It seemed to go by too quickly. However, we produced a tonne of excellent material, and it was both the best and worst period of my life combined into one movie.

“It was the hardest shoot, and I was sixty-three, or whatever. “Now we’re going to swim for two hours and then we’re going to run for two hours” was the daily routine, akin to a triathlon. During the show, I read forty novels. All I could do was lie down and read to divert my thoughts and give my body a break.”

Hamilton told Business Insider in February of this year that she didn’t want to see the series renewed, with or without her.

“I’m finished.” I am done. I have nothing else to say. “The story has been told and done to death,” she told the site. “I’m not sure why someone would revive it. But I understand that our Hollywood industry is currently predicated on relaunches.”

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When asked by THR which was more likely: her comeback as Sarah Connor or AI writing the next “Terminator” film, she said, “AI writing the next Terminator movie.” And they kill me before we begin.”

If there is a second “Terminator” movie, Hamilton told THR she hopes “they kill me off before we start.” (AFP via Getty Images / Chris Delmas))
Sarah Connor, the popular character played by Hamilton, is “an imperfect person” and “not a good mother, she’s a good fighter!” Hamilton said to Business Insider. (Getty Images / CBS))

“Sarah Connor is not an icon, in my honest opinion. She’s a lady from hell. She makes a number of very poor decisions. She’s a good warrior, not a good mother.” stated Hamilton.

“So you sort of try to parse the details and go, ‘Well, they respect her strength and her power, and I did create a warrior, but she’s very imperfect,'” the actress went on. She is a flawed individual.”

Hamilton stated that the “Terminator” movie series is “still going to be the big trump card for most everything” in her life in her THR interview.

According to Hamilton, the “Terminator” movie series is “still going to be the big trump card for most everything,” THR reported. (WireImage/Han Myung-Gu)

In 2025, Hamilton is scheduled to make an appearance in the last season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

She was prepared to permanently go away from a physically demanding work, though, if they hadn’t contacted.

“With ‘Stranger Things,’ I felt like an actress landing her first significant role.” The way it recycles is amusing. She told THR, “I was actually talking about retirement, not because there isn’t enough to do, but just because I’m tired of being tough. It’s not that I felt forgotten.”

She said, “My hip was hurting for a couple of years and I was like, ‘I’m just so tired of being tough, and I just want to be able to make plans and make sure I can be there,’ because actors never, ever can be there when they say they’re going to be there.”

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Hamilton thought about retiring from acting due to the physically taxing roles she has played throughout her career until being cast in the last season of “Stranger Things.” (WireImage/Jun Sato)

While getting ready to board a plane to shoot the third season of “Resident Alien” on the SYFY channel, Hamilton confided in her agent, saying, “Dude, I don’t even know if I’m going to make it there.” I’m hurt. [Laughs.] “Oh, you don’t mean that,” he says.

“After I mentioned retirement, ‘Stranger Things’ called him around two weeks later and inquired, ‘Is Linda Hamilton available from June to June?'” And he replied, “Yes.” Not once did he ask me.”

According to the “Beauty and the Beast” actress, she would have “come out of retirement” to work on the film “Stranger Things.”

“I think that’s going to give me another 15 minutes with a new audience, which is cool,” she stated.

Hamilton admitted to Us Weekly in February of this year that while she enjoys the show, becoming a cast member “ruined” it for her.

“I’ve eagerly watched each season. I adore it,” she exclaimed. Therefore, I feel like an imposter, feeling like I don’t belong there. That entire universe is situated in the 1980s.”

“You don’t see yourself in something when you really buy into it,” she went on. Thus, I believe that it somewhat destroyed the show for me. After I work on something, I never watch it. Seeing myself there would just utterly remove me from the situation. Thus, I’m not going to watch [season 5].”

Despite her “meaningful part” in “Stranger Things” keeping her from retiring, Hamilton would love to add some excitement to her action-packed resume.

“You know, I’d love to do a little more period drama. For forty years in this job, blood and tangles have been my outfit. More tangles, more blood,” she said to THR. “Throughout my career, I’ve had people tell me, ‘You look so beautiful in person!'” They’re perplexed, too! On camera, I never grin. However, those are merely amusing minor details. I’m overjoyed.”

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“I’m really happy with the work I’m getting now,” she said. It goes beyond “Stranger Things” and “Resident Alien.” I’m starting to receive terrific film jobs that don’t require me to be in the military. I genuinely enjoy the challenge itself. I simply adore performing.”

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