KFC Nigeria Apologized after Wheelchair User Adebola Daniel Refused Service at Lagos Airport

KFC Nigeria has recently issued an apology following the closure of one of its outlets by the country’s airport authority.

The closure was a result of allegations of discrimination against a disabled client.

Adebola Daniel, the son of a former Nigerian state governor Gbenga Daniel, shared on X that he had to depart from a KFC outlet at Lagos airport due to his wheelchair.

The post caused a lot of anger among people.

Additionally, it sparked an inquiry from the federal airport authority, resulting in the closure of the branch.

In a lengthy discussion, Mr. Daniel shared his account of the incident that occurred on Tuesday, describing it as an extremely distressing and degrading experience.

“Today I experienced a sense of dehumanization, akin to being a guard dog kept outside.” Feeling alone and cut off from others.

According to his account, the manager of the KFC outlet at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria’s busiest airport, refused to serve him despite the pleas of his wife and two brothers, who were also traveling with him.

“She was adamant and insisted that at the Murtala Muhammed branch of a certain restaurant, wheelchairs and wheelchair users were not allowed on the premises. She urged us to leave right away,” he recounted.

In a recent post on X, KFC Nigeria issued an apology to Mr. Daniel and outlined steps they are taking to rectify the situation. These measures include providing training to their employees to promote inclusivity and enhance customer service with empathy.

“We sincerely apologize for the frustration and distress our guest experienced,” it stated on X.

The restaurant’s closure by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) prompted the statement, which also included the authority’s request for KFC to apologize to Mr. Adebola.

As a condition for reopening, FAAN has also required the fast food chain to prominently display a policy against discrimination at the restaurant.

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