For the Safety of all Passengers, Finnair has begun Weighing them together with their Bags before takeoff

Volunteer passengers will have their weight measured along with their carry-on baggage, ensuring privacy as only the customer service agent at the measuring point will have access to the total weight.

The collected data will not be connected in any way to a passenger’s personal information, according to the airline.

Voluntary weigh-ins are now being conducted at the departure gates of Helsinki Airport.

The total weight of the aircraft encompasses various components such as the plane itself, fuel, checked baggage and cargo, onboard catering, water tanks, and of course, the passengers.

Airlines take into account the weight of various factors, including passengers and their carry-on baggage. The average weights provided by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are used to calculate this.

Another option available to airlines is to utilise their own measurements or adhere to standard weights set by the European Aviation Safety Authority EASA.

Since 2018, Finnair has been using average weights determined by its own measurements. However, the authorities now require these figures to be updated every five years.

The company stated that it was necessary to gather fresh data in order to enhance the airline’s calculations for aircraft balance.

“In the previous measurements five years ago, we had a significant number of volunteers who were eager to participate in the weighing. This time, we are hopeful that we will have a diverse group of volunteers, including both business and leisure travellers. Our goal is to gather the most accurate information possible for important balance calculations,” stated Satu Munnukka, the head of ground processes at Finnair.

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