FBI Starts looking into the Fall of the Baltimore Bridge

According to sources familiar with the matter, the FBI has initiated a criminal investigation into the Baltimore bridge collapse, as reported by the BBC’s US partner CBS.

An investigation has been launched to look into the events that preceded the tragic incident, resulting in the loss of six lives.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on March 26th following a collision with a massive container ship named the Dali.

According to sources, federal agents have been at the site for some time now.

According to a statement from a Department of Justice (DoJ) spokesperson on Monday, the FBI is currently engaged in law enforcement activity on the cargo ship Dali, with proper authorization from the court.

The spokesperson stated that there will be no additional updates provided regarding the investigation.

Erek Barron, the US Attorney in Maryland who is assisting in the FBI investigation, stated that his office would refrain from commenting on the presence of an inquiry.

However, he emphasised the importance of keeping the public informed about various issues that pose a threat to public safety or property. Whether it’s gun violence, civil rights abuse, financial fraud, or any other matter, he assured that those responsible will be held accountable.

The FBI investigation is distinct from an ongoing probe by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Additionally, Baltimore’s mayor Brandon Scott revealed on Monday that his city is actively pursuing legal action to address the collapse. This involves forming partnerships with two prominent national law firms.

According to Mr. Scott, the companies are committed to taking action against those responsible and minimising the negative impact on the residents of Baltimore City.

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According to him, the goal is to ensure that everyone involved, from the owner to the operator of the Dali ship, is held responsible. This may also include other parties who could be held liable.

A significant portion of the bridge gave way after being hit by a cargo ship named Dali. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, causing eight workers who were carrying out maintenance on the bridge to fall into the Patapsco River.

Authorities have recovered the bodies of three individuals, while three others are believed to have perished. Shortly after the bridge collapsed, two more individuals were successfully rescued.

An ongoing salvage mission is being conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and Maryland authorities. Their objective is to recover parts of the bridge and locate the bodies of the remaining victims.

Investigators have successfully retrieved the data recorder of the Dali ship. They are hopeful that the recorder will provide insight into the power failure that led to the ship veering off course and colliding with the bridge.

Authorities reported that the vessel was travelling at a speed of eight knots, equivalent to approximately 9 miles per hour (15 kilometres per hour).

Jennifer Homandy, the head of the NTSB, has mentioned that investigators are looking into various factors that may have contributed to the ship losing power, including the possibility of contaminated fuel.

An urgent distress signal was transmitted as the ship neared the bridge, alerting authorities and allowing them to swiftly prevent any vehicles from entering the bridge.

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As a result of the collapse, the Port of Baltimore had to be closed down. This port is known for its high traffic and plays a crucial role in the transportation of vehicles. However, efforts are being made to mitigate the impact by opening two alternative channels while the salvage operation is ongoing.

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