Birth certificate of Luke Littler Surfaces, Revealing the True Age of the Darts Sensation

Teenage darts prodigy Luke Littler is on the verge of making sporting history as he prepares for tonight’s World Championship final against Luke Humphries.

The Warrington-born thrower has been dominating his opponents on his journey to the Alexandra Palace showpiece and has the chance to win a substantial £500,000 tonight.

Littler thoroughly dominated last night’s match against 2018 champion Rob Cross, after already eliminating his idol Raymond van Barneveld in the quarter-finals.

The Nuke’s ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations, along with his mature appearance, has surprised many fans who find it hard to believe that Britain’s newest sports star is still just 16 years old until January 21.

There has been a lot of speculation and mean-spirited comments on social media about Littler’s appearance, particularly his receding hairline and full beard. Additionally, fans who have attended his matches have often taunted him with chants about his age.

Luke Littler’s birth certificate confirms his true age of 16 years old. (Picture: Twitter)

Any doubts about his actual age have been resolved, as Littler’s birth certificate was recently shared online. The certificate confirms that he was born in 2007 at North Cheshire Hospital.

Despite the attention surrounding his age and his relationship with 21-year-old girlfriend Eloise Milburn, Littler has embraced his newfound fame and upcoming wealth.

‘It has been quite an eventful journey,’ Littler remarked after defeating Cross with a score of 6-2.

I’m still here. I’m participating in a highly significant championship. I was thrilled to secure a victory, and I’m confident that I have the potential to achieve even greater success!

I must admit, I have surprised myself. I have consistently disregarded significant averages throughout the year.

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He exclaimed: ‘I’m thrilled to showcase it on the grandest platform of all.’

Winning this would be absolutely incredible. I simply set my goal to win one game and then return after Christmas.

‘I need to remain calm and cross that finish line.’

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