Steve Bannon may soon head to Prison After Appeal fails

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s criminal conviction has been affirmed by a federal appeals court.

After years of legal battle, the decision could soon land 70-year-old Bannon in prison.

In 2022, he was found guilty of contempt of congress for not supplying the committee looking into the capitol riot on January 6th with records or testimony.

Following that, Bannon was given a four-month prison sentence and a $6,500 (£5,833) fine.

However, the right-wing podcaster was allowed to stay out of jail on bond while contesting his sentence. He has denied any criminal activity.

Bannon was trying to work out a compromise rather than just reject the committee’s subpoenas, according to his lawyers, who also described the case as politically motivated.

Furthermore, Bannon has insisted that, in declining to appear before the House committee looking into the 2021 attack meant to prevent Congress from recognising Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election, he was acting in accordance with legal advice.

The US DC Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously dismissed Bannon’s claim, stating that it “runs headlong into settled law”.

On behalf of the court—which also included appointments from Trump and Obama—Justice Bradley Garcia, a Biden appointee, stated, “This exact ‘advice of counsel’ defence is no defence at all.”

Bannon was not required to start his four-month sentence right away. He now has seven days to request a court reconsideration.

Another prominent Trump assistant, Peter Navarro, reported to prison in March following his own conviction for contempt of congress.

In a 2021 biography titled “In Trump Time,” Navarro claimed to have designed a plan to contest the results of the 2020 election that elected Joe Biden as president.

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After playing a pivotal role in Mr. Trump’s triumphant 2016 campaign, Bannon joined the White House as chief strategist. After the violent far-right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, he resigned from that role. The aggressive podcaster was regarded as one of Mr. Trump’s closest allies even after he departed.

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