According to the Israel Defence Forces, 24 Soldiers were Murdered in Gaza in a Single Day

On Monday, the Israeli army suffered a devastating loss with the deaths of 24 soldiers in Gaza. This tragic event marks the deadliest day for Israeli forces since the start of their ground operation.

That includes 21 reservists who tragically lost their lives in an explosion believed to have been caused by mines that Israeli forces had placed in two buildings for demolition, according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

According to the IDF, the explosion was caused by rocket-propelled grenade fire.

“The force was caught off guard by a sudden attack from a militant squad using RPG fire,” a spokesman stated.

A rocket struck one of the buildings where explosives were placed. According to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the impact resulted in the explosion that ultimately led to the collapse of the building and the adjacent structure.

In the past day, 195 Palestinians have tragically lost their lives, according to Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry.

During a previous briefing, Rear Admiral Hagari reported that the reservists lost their lives in central Gaza on Monday afternoon, near the kibbutz of Kissufim on the Israeli side of the border.

They participated in a mission to ensure the safe return of residents in southern Israel, following the evacuation of tens of thousands due to the Hamas attack on 7 October.

The initial burials for the individuals who lost their lives in the blast took place at Mount Herzl amidst a downpour in Jerusalem.

Many of the attendees were dressed in military uniforms and the scene was adorned with blue and white Israeli flags.

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Israel’s military had previously confirmed the deaths of three officers in a separate attack in southern Gaza on Monday.

The country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed determination to continue the offensive until achieving “absolute victory,” despite the hardships faced by the nation.

In another part of Gaza, intense clashes have erupted near three hospitals located in Khan Younis in the southern region. These hospitals are currently overwhelmed with displaced individuals seeking shelter.

The IDF has declared that it has successfully surrounded the city, which has been a primary objective of its ground offensive against Hamas.

Israel suspects that the leaders of the group might be hiding in that location, and it is also a potential site where Israeli hostages could be held.

As per the IDF, a significant number of local gunmen lost their lives during the operation, while their forces discovered rockets primed for launch, tunnel shafts, and a substantial cache of weapons.

Reports have emerged of tragic casualties in the recent conflict, with innocent lives lost, including women and children.

According to reports, the Israeli blockades and the storming of hospitals since Monday have resulted in a situation where the wounded and dead are unable to be reached by rescuers.

The deceased were being laid to rest within the premises of Nasser hospital due to the hazardous conditions preventing their transportation to the cemetery.

Reports have emerged of Israeli forces conducting an operation at Al-Khair hospital in the al-Mawasi area to the west, resulting in the arrest of staff members.

Israel initiated the conflict with the stated objective of eliminating Hamas following a series of attacks by its militants that resulted in the deaths of 1,300 individuals, predominantly civilians, and the abduction of approximately 250 others. This assault was unparalleled in its scale and impact.

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As per the information provided on the IDF website, a total of 217 soldiers have lost their lives since the commencement of Israel’s ground invasion on 27 October. This unfortunate number adds to the overall count of 552 casualties since 7 October.

According to the health ministry run by Hamas, the Israeli military campaign in Gaza has resulted in the tragic loss of over 25,490 lives, with a majority being women and children.

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