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Your Common Law Rights And What To Do When Stopped By Police

If questioned by the police.

Simply ask the Officer

“Are you operating under your Oath of Office as a Constable, sworn to keep the peace, or are you doing business as a Government Policy Officer?”

If he or she says Constable under Oath, ask “what crime are you investigating and where is the victim?”

If theres no victim, theres no crime. Kindly ask them to stop harrassing you. Get their name and badge number, if they continue advise them they are causing you alarm and distress and to cease else you will take any and all measures available to you under law for their continued harrassment

If he or she says that they are “a Government Policy Officer” or “Upholding Government Law” then simply say “I do not wish to contract with you.”

Then ask him or her to explain what is meant by “governed by consent.”

If you are short on confidence and knowledge, then say “I do not answer questions” or “I do not wish to enter into contract with you.”

Be warned, the most cunning question from the police is the open ended question of “Do you understand?”


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In legalese, this is a request to stand under their authority, just say NO I do not understand and I do not consent.

If you answer any questions at all including confirming your identity, name or address then you have unknowingly and unwittingly entered into what is known as a “joinder” and consented to the Officer’s Authority over you, which means you are now very vulnerable. I cannot stress how important it is not to answer any questions they ask. Simply reply “i do not answer questions” or “I do not wish to contract with you”

Get your phone out ASAP, start recording, get a badge number and name. Be polite, be calm and continue repeating the same. Answer no questions, reply No to “Do you understand?”

Finally, no one can enter your home without a warrant, even anti-terror police need a warrant before booting your door in so stop spreading fear about police or army going door-knocking and DON’T OPEN THE DOOR to any of them. You are a free man or woman and no authoritarian Government has a right to take that away from you.

Know the law, know your rights and they cannot intimidate nor coerse you to do something that isn’t lawful. Refuse to be governed this way and there is nothing they can do. That is the law

Just a few tips for those feeling unsure when feeling pressured to comply with authorities but you know in your heart of hearts you do have a right to not comply.

I do not consent

When given questions by anyone of the law it’s best to just always say “I do not consent” the moment you say yes to the question “do you understand” you are giving up your rights and giving your consent to be acted upon.


If you are told to wear a mask or close a business etc you are not breaking any laws by not complying you are simply disobeying a statute which is a legislation. One of the human rights acts which comes under common law is your right to not feel harassed so do not feel angry or scared but just keep your chin up and calmly explain again that you do not consent because getting into a debate will go nowhere unless the officer is an understanding one who is willing to learn. The result will be positive for you later as you will we that the matter can’t be taken any further and that the fines can’t be enforced as they are not lawful they are given on behalf of statutes and legislations.

Interesting to note

The Human Rights Act is a UK law passed in 1998. It lets you defend your rights in UK courts and compels public organisations – including the Government, police and local councils – to treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity and respect.

5 of the most important to note are:

Article 1 – Right to Equality

Article 2 – Freedom from Discrimination

Article 3 – Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security (that’s your business, finance & choice).

Article 4 – Freedom from Slavery

Article 5 – Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment (No police officer should be enforcing themselves on you for the sake of them thinking they are doing the right thing, they may just be doing their job so it’s important you don’t give them a hard time or their pride will kick in. Just continue to not consent calmly).

Lastly if you dont want any drama regarding not wearing a mask in shops just say your exempt. It’s against the law for security to ask why or to ask for proof as the moment they do ask it becomes an interrogation or invasion on your private life without a warrant. Easy peasy! If some people don’t know this. Kindly remind them. Yes your lying but your not hurting anyone and after all it’s your right and your choice that your protecting 🙂

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