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Xmas Laugh with Don Nice and The Gang 22 December 2017

The Biggest CHRIST MAS and end of year .

Comedy show /end of year party. Is happening in London Xmas laugh with Don Nice and the Gang

Date:22nd of December 2017 Time:6pm to 4am

Red carpet Comedy Music and many more variety attractions

Venue: Rivers of live. 12-36 Hatcham Road London SE15 1tw .

Bring your friends children.wife.husband. girl friends .boy friends and family.

Book a table for your special celebrations.

Bring your cakes Grab your tickets now

for tickets info call 07473904499 or

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/xmas-laugh-with-don-and-the-gang-comedy-show-with-a-difference-on-fri22dec-tickets-40776562797 https://www.peektickets.com/event/xmas-laugh-with-don-nice-and-the-gang/

You will be happy to spend your time enjoying this way😃😂🤣👍❤

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