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Goodbye Ebola? Not at all, the disease still remains a threat in Africa because of the nature of the virus
Goodbye Ebola? Not at all, the disease still remains a threat in Africa because of the nature of the virus
The initial plan of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – Aids, was to depopulate Africa but something went wrong which gradually spread throughout the whole world.
The common man on the street without adequate knowledge on bio-weapons may ask why the US and Western Europe deliberately infected Africa with such a deadly virus?
Already, the American medical writer Susan Posel has given the concrete reasons the US government did that in her article entitled HIV/AIDS: THE US GOVERNMENT BIO-WEAPONS PROJECT FOR GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, but there is more to that.

The sudden demand for independence which swept through Africa took the colonial masters by surprise. France, Belgium, Portugal, England, and Holland, were most affected. America didn’t colonize any African country but the US Government back up the depopulation program financially.

The revenge against Africa for fighting for independence was deadly and destructive. The media won’t write it but it’s a fact that treasures or resources from Africa had played a significant role in the economies of both Europe and America. 
Since they can’t take what they needed after the independence, they started the deliberate infection of the HIV-Aids virus throughout Africa, then Asia, and South and North America.
Our first meeting in Holland, 2016. Left, scientist and micro-surgeon Johan Van Dongen and journalist Joel Savage
Our first meeting in Holland, 2016, left, scientist and micro-surgeon Johan Van Dongen and journalist Joel Savage 

They were successful because the World Health Organization, Pasteur Institute of France, and the Centers for Diseases Control assisted the US government for the rapid spread. 

Readers shouldn’t forget that this health blog is behind three people who are experts in their trade. A scientist, a medical doctor, and a journalist. Both scientist Johan Van Dongen and Dr. Wolff Geisler have all the documents pertaining those medical crimes committed in Africa.

Surprisingly, when journalist Joel Savage travelled to Germany, he realized that Dr. Geisler has also medical records pertaining the medical crimes Europe and America committed in Africa. Similar documents he has previously seen when he visited scientist Johan Van Dongen in Holland. 

He gave a sigh of relief for building this website with Johan Van Dongen because he was depending on his research alone, thus; reading Dr. Wolff Geisler’s documents laid on the table before him gave the confidence that he is following the right course.
 In search of medical truth, Cologne-Germany: Left Dr. Wolff Geisler and journalist Joel Savage
In search of medical truth, Cologne-Germany: Left Dr. Wolff Geisler and journalist Joel SavageSince the testing of the Aids virus was only for Africa but not the US government’s intention to spread the disease, it has cost the government billions of dollars. The US government raises and invests nearly US $4 billion a year to support programs on Aids. This is costing the government a fortune.

That mistake the US government did and now costing the government billions of USdollars in fighting and controlling the hopeless Aids crisis now serves the US government a lesson.

The Polio Vaccine and the Origin of AIDS video

To avoid that mistake, Ebola was tested in few African countries. The first Ebola test took place in 1976, in a small village in Congo and in 2014, it was tested in three countries, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia because they can’t afford to control it financially and medically if it quickly spread like Aids due to the deadly nature of the Ebola virus.
The fight to give Africans justice after Aids and Ebola were tested in the continent by the US government has been painful and stagnant. Yet, many independent researchers and medical writers haven’t given up to give Africans some justice one day.
Recently, we had an e-mail from one Lamin Fatty, Founder and Executive Director of Rural Agency For Sustainable Empowerment -RASE, a Human rights activist at Human Rights Campaign and News Presenter & Editor. 
Lamin E.Fatty: Executive Director of Rural Agency For Sustainable Empowerment -RASE
Lamin E.Fatty: Executive Director of Rural Agency For Sustainable Empowerment -RASE
According to Mr. Fatty, in the union, Aids and Ebola were invented by the Western, US government, Centers for Diseases Control, World Health Organization and Institute Pasteur of France. 
The former mass communication and law student said it is certain that Aids and Ebola aren’t a natural phenomenon.
It’s sad that African leaders have betrayed Africans because of money. The question is: Yesterday was Aids, today is Ebola, what comes next? African leaders without shame should answer.

We are sitting on a time bomb because of Aids which is killing thousands of people each day yet no government is talking about it. 

Above all, Ebola can reappear since healed victims carry certain residue in their bodies which can trigger the virus to another person, especially through semen. 

Every medical crime against Africa and the testing of bioweapons are covered up and the blame shifted to poverty. If poverty caused Aids in Africa let the world wake up from the long sleep and ask the US government: WHY AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND AFRICANS HIT HARD BY HIV-AIDS AT THE SAME TIME

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