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Why are there so many angry, and dissatisfied Caucasians, in THE US?

Over the past 30 years or so, it has become very apparent, that many Caucasian Americans are not very happy, with the present situation in our country.

Many Caucasians believe that things were much better for their race and religion in the past; than it is now, in the present. Many are angry and upset. But many don’t really know why they are feeling the way they do. They wish things were the way, as they were during the mid 20th century, in America. A time when Caucasian supremacy was an establish fact (in their minds). A time when all the famous people in sports; politics; entertainment, religion etc. were all Caucasians. A time when Christianity was the only religion that they heard preached on the radio and on television. They didn’t see any visible signs of the presence of Jews or Muslims in our country. The only foreign language they heard spoken; was by their fellow Caucasians from Italy or Eastern Europe. They had no serious problem with the Italians; because they were also Caucasians and Christians. And they only saw churches in their cities. Many now feel that things should be the same, as it was in the past. That is why the slogan, ‘Make America Great Again‘ [MAGA] appeals to so many of them. They want to see visible signs everywhere, of the return of Caucasian supremacy.

##1 part of Trump's lynch mob at Capitol

The present behaviour of too many Caucasians in our country, reminds me of something that I encountered over 36 years ago; when I was in the military.

My family had been invited to dinner by one of our neighbours.

They had also invited the family of one of his Caucasian co-workers.

All the children were in another room playing a popular video game at that time.

We heard a loud scream and crying, coming from the room.

We all ran to it and found one of his co-worker sons, crying and screaming.

The mother asked him what was the matter.

He said that he had been defeated in the video game, he was playing with his brother.

I was stunned to hear, that the only reason for him screaming and crying like that, was because he had lost.

The mother must have noted the look on my face, as well as the look on my neighbour’s face.

So she explained that ‘he had always beaten his brother, at this game’.

He had never lost to him before.

She then hugged and comforted him; while his brother skipped around the room, with his hands in the air, celebrating his victory

Many Caucasians in our country are now behaving, like that unhappy son; who thought he should always be the winner.

All of their lives, they have been taught to believe, that everything should be better for the Caucasian race.

Better than it was supposed to be for any other race.

They had been taught that the Caucasian race was the top race.

And they had been taught that their religion, was the only true religion.

They had been taught, that Caucasians were more

intelligent, more beautiful, more talented etc. than any other race.

And that their Caucasian god, was the only real god; and every other race should bow down to the image of their god.

#2 fake Jesus

Caucasians all over the world, had been taught, that everything that is good should be for them; and not for other races.

They believed that they had been given the right; by their god, to rule all the non Caucasian nations around the world.

They believe that the best jobs, the best home; fame and prestige, wealth, leadership etc. etc. should only be for their race.

When Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America (USA); their Caucasian supremacy world came crashing down.

How could this happen?

A “Black” man was now the President of the USA.

How could America be great; if it elected a ‘Black’ man as the President?

In their eyes this was a great disaster.

To many of them; America was no longer great, because a man of African descent was now the President of the USA.

An African American family was now living in the “White House.


America was no longer the America that they knew.

They and their Caucasian ancestors from Europe; had been deceived for the past thousand years, into a belief of the supremacy of the Caucasian race.

They had been taught that, their race and their religion was superior to all other races and all other religions.

Now a man of an “inferior race” had become their president.

Not only that but; he had a name that was associated to the religion of Al-Islam.

Although he said many, many, times that he was a Christian, they strongly believed that he was a ‘secret’ Muslim.

Many Caucasians in our country became more racist after Obama was elected president.

Many started reminiscing about the past days of Caucasian supremacy.

kkk sub-Humans

Trump and his nazi and kkk followers

Longing for the past days of Caucasian supremacy

They started reminiscing about the time in America’s history, when all the symbols of power, were in the hands of Caucasian men.

They longed for the time before “multiculturalism [now it is ‘Critical Race theory] was being promoted.

To them multiculturalism [ Critical Race Theory] was the problem.

One definition of multiculturalism given is:

“The view that the various cultures in a society merit equal respect and scholarly interest.”

It became a significant force in american society in the 1970s and 1980s as African-Americans, Latinos (Native Americans from South and Central America, Mexico etc.) and other ethnic groups explored their own history.”

Many Caucasian Americans who were racists; have been preaching against multiculturalism since the 1970s.

They don’t want to know anything about the contributions made by any other race; besides the Caucasian race.

They only want to read and hear about the weaknesses and shortcomings of other races.

They want to believe that the world is only great because of the “white” race.

They only want to know about the great contributions of the Caucasian race.

They do not care, about the history of other races.

And they definitely don’t want to hear about the historical shortcomings and weaknesses of the white’ race.

That is why Donald Trump is their champion.

#1 ................................................................................ Trump supporters fueled by racism and hate

Racism is the PRIMARY reason, why many of them became Trump supporters.

James Barnes, one of Donald Trump’s key online advertising worker in 2016 reportedly wrote on Facebook:

“Make America great again” was about “activating the deepest, darkest, soul of ‘white’ nationalism.”

It was a call to return to the days; when Caucasians were viewed as the ‘master race‘.

Trump = racism

[ READ: ‘What is the secret message of ‘Make America great again‘?’

https://chiniquy.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/african-americans-have-suffered-from-caucasian-american-terrorism-for-over-100-years/ ]

The need to feel special

There is a tendency in all Human Beings to believe that their is something unique and special about their racial and ethnic group.

Something inborn that makes them superior to other races.

They want to believe that their race is:

More intelligent than the members of other races;

That their race has more creativity;

That their race is physically more beautiful than other races;

That their race have more physical strength;

That their race is more morally upright;

That their race has more human sentiments (kindness, compassion etc.);

That their race has more leadership ability (natural born leaders);

That their race is more courageous;

That their race has more sexual appeal;

That their race has greater spirituality

Caucasians were taught in Christianity, to believe that all these outstanding traits are abundantly given to their own racial group by *G-D, and denied to other races.

What we have experience in America, over the past 50 years has shown that no one race has a monopoly on any of the above Human traits.

That no one race has been given superiority over other races.

And this is what has caused many Caucasians in American and many other parts of the world to become depressed and angry.

Caucasians had been deceived into believing that they alone were the ‘master race‘.

That The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth, had created them ‘in his own (Caucasian) image and likeness.

Many truly believe that their made up Caucasian god and his Caucasian son are members of their race.

And this Caucasian god loves them, more than he loves other races.

fake jesus and fake god

Even to this day in 2021; the majority of people don’t know that what is written in the Bible saying:

Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness“; is not part of the Revelations given to Mankind from The Creator.

That verse was inserted into the Scriptures by satanic minded individuals; it is not from The Creator.

Many things have been added, over the centuries to the ‘Bible‘ that was never part of the original Revelations, given to the Prophets.

These verses were added by evil minded tricksters.

What these evildoers were saying in essence is:

Our ancestors and now us; have deviated from obeying the Commands of The Creator.

We now believe that we are superiors to all other Human Beings on Earth.

We believe that The Creator loves us; no matter how much evil we do on Earth.

We are his ‘chosen people‘, we are the ‘apple in his eyes‘.

So let us make another ethnic race of people believe, that they alone are special in the eyes of god.

Make them believe that they alone have the ‘spark of divinity‘ within their race.

Let them think that The Creator of the Heavens and Earth is their personal god.

That this god, has given them something, that he has not given to any other race.

And once they believe that; then we will be the masters over them.

We will be able to manipulate and control them.

#1 how to manipulate dummies by President Johnson

#1 the master race and the chosen people mentality is same evil

the white mans burden-_judge_1899Comic drawing above is from the early 20th century; showing that Caucasian had the burden of bringing civilization to China; India; Japan; Africa; the Philippines; the Natives of the Americas etc. etc.

All other races were sub-Humans; and only Caucasians were fully developed Human Beings.

The following excerpt is from the article:

“I am a recovering racist: I was somehow taught hate as a gift of love” by Jonathan Odell

“But the hardest thing to admit was that my racism and its inherent privileges were gifted to me by devoted parents, dedicated teachers, righteous preachers—an entire Caucasian community conspired to make me feel special.

These were good people. How could I turn on them?

What a conundrum! That would make racism a gift of love!

As toxic as those gifts were, they were presented to me out of love, by someone I loved.

What adult, much less child, doesn’t want to feel special?

What child is going to say, “No, I don’t want your gift because it takes away from others!”

We hunger for the experience of feeling special and are grateful to those who see that special-ness within us.

No wonder it’s so hard to uproot racism from our souls.

If we had acquired our racism from folks we detested:

the monsters of the world,

the lynchers and

the church-bombers,

the murderous, tobacco-spitting sheriff, or

the buffoonish sheet-shrouded Klan member, or

our race-baiting governor standing in the schoolhouse door,

how easy it would be to denounce our racism and to leave that kind of destructive thinking behind.

But it’s not the villains we must reckon with.

Our role models were people we loved and trusted, those whom we allowed into our souls without question.

It’s an elderly Caucasian neighbor whom I loved dearly, telling me that her African American yardman, Joe, was not to be referred to as a “Mister.”

My schoolteacher who acted like it was the right thing, the appropriate thing, the moral thing for her students to have nice schools and new textbooks and a school bus, while the African American kids went to class in dilapidated buildings, used our castaway textbooks and walked to school regardless of the weather.

It was my preacher who told us to love people of African descent, but that God wanted the blood of the white race to remain pure.

racist hypocritical Christians

........ 1 racist kkk jesus-saves

The kind clerk who attended to me, a child, the minute I walked into his store while African American adults remained waiting in line.

No one had to explain to us we were special.

The evidence was overwhelming. We learned it from those who only wanted the best for us.

We believed them. And we didn’t want to disappoint them.

Those seeds of “special-ness” sent roots down deep into my being.

And those roots entwine with love for my parents and God and the way I feel sad about abandoned dogs and how I get all choked up when a friend says he cares for me.

All these things are planted in the same field. That horrible, disgusting hateful thing is part of me, too, entangled with the rest.

And often it keeps me from seeing my own racism when it rears its benevolent, entitled head.”

(End of excerpt from Jonathan Odell’s article)

Amazon.com: Jonathan Odell: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

[ Read the complete article by Jonathan Odell here:
https://chiniquy.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/recovering-caucasian-racists-story-from-www-salon-com/ ]

That ‘special-ness‘ is what too many Caucasians in our country still crave.

They want to believe that just being a member of the Caucasian race, put them above the members of other races.

They want to continue to believe that their race is superior to other races; especially the African race.

The present day descendants of the people who began the scheme, of deceiving the Caucasian race in Europe centuries ago, are still manipulating and controlling the Caucasian race.

They have almost total control over the media.

Their television shows and movies are still feeding the egos of the Caucasian race.

Members of other races are usually the side-kicks to the Caucasian ‘stars’. It is never the other way around.

The entertainment they provide are primarily glorifying the Caucasian race; while subtly, belittling the members of other races.

In the movies it is always the Caucasian heroes and sheroes who saves the world.

It is easier to control and manipulate Caucasians, if they are consumed with a superiority complex.

What we saw on the 6th January 2021, in the attack on the US Capitol is a primary example.

President Johnson

loser Trump republicans

[READ: The centuries old evil plot, to enslave the hearts and minds of the Caucasian race
https://chiniquy.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/the-all-mighty-creator-does-not-have-a-son/ ]

Pictures below of a courageous fighter against racism; Wallace D. Mohammed

Wallace Mohamed’s father, Elijah Muhammad was the leader of the ‘Black Muslim‘ organization called the Nation Of Islam

Wallace Mohammed was taught from an early age to believe that ALL Caucasians were devils.

He was taught along with all the members of the Nation Of Islam; that Caucasians were a race of devils.

That there was no goodness in any Caucasian.

He was taught that their souls was completely evil. That they were created to be evil.

That no matter how hard Caucasians tried; they could never be decent Human Beings.

Through The Grace of The Merciful Creator, he went through a miraculous change when he was still a young man.

When his father, Elijah Muhammad passed away; he became the leader of the Nation Of Islam.

Within a year he made major changes within the organization.

Including changing the name of the Nation Of Islam to: The World Community of AL-Islam, in the West.

(Later Minister Farrakhan left the community; and formed his own brand of the Nation Of Islam)

Wallace Mohammed became a champion for the rights of all Human Beings.

He fought against the division of the Human family, based on race.Imam Mohammed 'we have been through hell' and survivedImam Mohammed with Pope-John-Paul-II Imam Mohammed with American flag 2.Imam-Mohammed-w-Blessed-Lady-Chiara-Lubich-and-Cardinal-Keeler Imam Mohamed and Pres CarterWallace Mohamed and President Jimmy Carter

Imam Mohammed and Anwar SadatWallace Mohamed and President Anwar Sadat of Egypt imam mohammed and ladyLady Chiara Lubich, Catholic Priest and Wallace Mohammed
Imam Mohammed at Jewish TempleImam Wallace Mohammed At Jewish Temple

warithDeen Mohammed on Jet mag

Imam Mohammed and Ali Wallace Mohammed and Muhammad Ali

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