WHO TO BLAME! By Tosin Oshin #NigerianCrisis


Sometimes I look at this generation and shake my head. The youths are going astray boys are celebrating fraud on daily basis while girls are celebrating prostitution. Girls no longer have dignity & pride to their nudity.

Flaunting their nudity across social medias all in the name of birthday celebration & diverting traffic to their various social media pages because of followers mentality.

No doubt this generation is in havoc while generations to come are in jeopardy. Big girls mentality is leading many astray without any second option.

Our celebrities are the drivers of these buses driving people to destruction. Posting of nude or semi nude pictures on their various social media pages without any second thought while misleading many young girls
astray all in the name of STUNTS, FASHION.
it’s so sad that the ship is already sinking while elders are sleeping.

Celebrities are meant to be a positive role models to their fans, followers, communities and not to lead them to a pot hole of destruction.

Oh what is this world turning into….
Increase in rape, Fraud, prostitution, armed robbery etc..
I hope we can go back to those days that ladies valued & appreciated their body rather than flaunting it nude.
Birthdays are been celebrated with maturity, morals & values.

Suicide has become a daily occurrence on many news networks including newspapers, social medias websites etc.
Young girl committing suicide because her boyfriend left her.
Young boy committing suicide because his girlfriend left with another guy.
Students committing suicide because they failed exams
Jambites committing suicide because he or she could not meet up with the scores needed.
Grown men jumping inside lagoon because of marital issues.
So many different suicides happening around.
But the question is, Is Suicide the best option to solve a particular issues or problems?
Parents no longer concentrate on their kids anymore
Parents no longer make surprise visit to their kids at school
Parents no longer bother to ask how their kids got the money they are flaunting.
Parents now focus on business rather than mentoring their kids
Parents no longer give room for heart to heart talkswith their kids
Parents now say… “Won’t you do what other mates are doing to make money”
Parents no longer scrutinize the friends their kids are keeping.
The economy is deteriorating on daily basis within 1 week a stock market investors loses 3.56bn.
Inflation rate is becoming detrimental
Unemployment rate has increasef to 11% by April
Our importation rate has become worrisome because we no longer produce or manufacture common Toothpick in this country.
Agricultural Sector is currently undergoing surgery and in a coma with a probability of coming to life.
Education sector is totally dead with a percentage of less than 20% from Nigeria’s Budget.
Mining sector is dead permanently..
Manufacturing Sector is nothing to talk about.
Insecurities on daily basis leading to the death of many poor Nigerians because of greediness & self satisfaction
As a youth, Have you ever thought of how you could assist the government?
Have we ever thought of what we can do for the society?
Have you ever thought of making a positive impact in your family, community & Nigeria as a whole?
Who is to blame? the government, parents or Individuals or the system?
God bless Nigeria!
– Ambassador Tosin Oshin



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