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Its a known fact that most women love shoes and take great pride in what they are wearing on their feet. According to, shoes are somewhat a window into the soul of women as they can provide information regarding the personality traits and the kind of person wearing them.
More so, the shoes a woman wears can also inform you the kind of character she possesses and sometimes an in depth guideline on ways through which such women can be approached. Thus, we provide a list of common footwear and the personality traits of the wearer they represent.

Street Shoes

The common makes of street shoes include Vans, Nike, New Balance and Converse. These type of shoes is cool and ideal for young students in late teenage years or early twenties. These shoes are characterised with multiple colours which definitely conveys the wearer as immature. As such there should be a limit to the occasions where you’d wear these type of shoes.


Brogues are visually appealing and sends out an appealing message. It portrays the wearer as a dependable extrovert with high fashion sense. It also sends a message across that you want to look casual, smart Nd highly fashionable while retaining your feminine appeal.


Stilettos are the ultimate feminine shoe to make the perfect impression. They signify an extroverted and outgoing personality who could be business like when required. It also gives off the wearer as someone who relishes new experiences.

Ankle-Strap Flats

This is a n ideal shoe for women with long and slim legs. They are ambitious, hardworking and earn well.


Flats look best on women with a bit of chunk in the ankle region. Flats give off the personality of a traditional timid conformist who would want people to go by the books.
What kind of woman are you?
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