Mon. May 29th, 2023

In the 97th minute of Valencia's 1-0 La Liga loss, the 22-year-old international from Brazil was dismissed for violent behavior following an argument with Hugo Duro.

Vinicius made an angry attempt to alert the referee to Valencia supporters earlier in the game.

"The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi today belongs to racists," Vinicius posted on Instagram.

"It wasn't the first time, second time, or third time. In La Liga, racism is commonplace. The opposition supports it, the competition does as well, and so does the federation.

"A wonderful country that I was welcomed into and that I adore, but that also consented to export its racist image to the rest of the globe. I'm sorry for the Spanish people who disagree, but Brazil now views Spain as a racist nation.

"Unfortunately, I have no defense for something that occurs every week. I concur. But I am a strong person, and I will fight racism until the bitter end. even though it is far away.

According to BBC Sport, Valencia has identified the two fans who racially assaulted Vinicius and is planning to permanently ban them from the stadium.

This season, Vinicius has received numerous racial insults as a target.

La Liga urged fans to submit any pertinent video, saying it would look into the matter and take "appropriate legal action" if a hate crime was discovered.

La Liga president Javier Tebas said via Twitter that Vinicius twice skipped a meeting to discuss what the organization "can do in cases of racism."

Tebas advised criticizing and disparaging La Liga before doing your research.

Vinicius expressed disapproval of the tweet and demanded that La Liga take "actions and punishments" against him rather than the "racists" who were being targeted.

Ancelotti claims that "the whole stadium" was yelling racist epithets.
The 70th minute of Sunday's game was stopped as Vinicius attempted to identify spectators who he thought were insulting him.

Teammates and Valencia players escorted him out of the stadium before referee Ricardo de Burgos and Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti met with him.

For his role in a large brawl between the two teams of players, Vinicius was later dismissed for the first time in La Liga.

"What we witnessed today is unacceptable—the entire stadium was chanting racist epithets," added Ancelotti.

"Today, I don't want to discuss football. Talking about football today has no use. I advised the referee to call time on the game.

"La Liga has an issue. Vinicius is the most significant player in the world in my opinion. The game needs to end because of these incidents of racism.

"The game must end because the entire audience is disparaging a player with racial chants. The same thing would apply if we were up 3-0. There isn't another option.

Vinicius' response, according to Ancelotti, was "understandable" given the situation.

Ancelotti added, "I asked him if he wanted to keep playing, and he stayed in the game.

Vinicius feels upset and depressed. This is not possible in the society we live in.

"This is a one-off incident," Valencia
Valencia promised to look into it and "take the most drastic measures."

"Valencia CF wishes to publicly condemn any type of insult, attack, or disqualification in football," said a statement from the team.

Even if this is just one incident, insults directed towards any opponent's player are inappropriate in football and go against Valencia CF's core principles and ethos.

Following earlier racial insults directed against Vinicius, La Liga claimed to have taken aggressive action and reported nine incidents to Spanish legal authorities over the course of the previous two seasons.

Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa, expressed his "full solidarity" with Vinicius and emphasized the rules that apply to events like those in Valencia.

"First, you halt the game and make an announcement. Second, the players leave the field and a voice declares that the game will be stopped if the attacks continue," he stated.

"The game restarts, and thirdly, if the attacks go on, the game ends and the opponent receives the three points. These are the guidelines that ought to be followed by all nations and leagues.

"It goes without saying that this is easier said than done, but we must do it and support it through education."

Ferdinand said, "The authorities don't help him."

Rio Ferdinand, a former defender for England and Manchester United, posted on Instagram, saying: "Bro you need defending…. who is guarding Vinicius Junior in Spain?

How often do we need to witness this young man being treated like this? I observe him in pain, disgust, and need of assistance, yet the authorities fail to act.

"People must unite and demand more from the institutions in charge of our game.

Nobody deserves this, yet you're letting it happen. This requires a coordinated strategy to avoid being swept under the rug once more.

After 20 minutes, real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois claimed to have heard some "monkey noises".

Courtois told Movistar, "We cannot tolerate these things. If Vini wants to play, we play. If Vini says he's done playing, I'm leaving the field with him.

"How long are we going to experience, in the middle of the twenty-first century, episodes like the one we just witnessed, once again, in La Liga?" asked Ednaldo Rodrigues, head of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF).

How much longer will humanity watch in silence as racist actions are committed?

According to Juan Castro, a Marca reporter who attended the game, Valencia supporters abused Vinicius and called him a monkey.

"Spanish football has a problem, and we need to fix it. This has happened to Vinicius ten times now.

"Suspending the game may be the best course of action. Perhaps Vinicius deciding to stop playing on the field will be the answer. Perhaps that will serve as a deterrent to prevent people from acting inappropriately in a football stadium.

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