Turkish Media Reports that a P&G Plant in Istanbul has been Evacuated after its Employees were taken Hostage

Reports from Turkish media indicate that there is an ongoing situation at a Proctor & Gamble (P&G) plant near Istanbul, where a man has taken multiple individuals hostage.

According to a union representative for the factory, seven individuals are currently being held at the Gebze factory, while the remaining employees have been released.

Authorities are said to be in talks with the individual believed to be holding hostages.

P&G emphasised the utmost importance it places on the safety and security of its employees in a recent statement.

“Our manufacturing facility at Gebze, Turkey has been evacuated and we are currently collaborating with local authorities and the police,” the statement mentioned.

Access to the US firm’s factory was cordoned off by police officers, and medical staff were sent to the scene.

A photo circulating on social media has surfaced, revealing an individual who appears to be the alleged hostage-taker. The person in the photo can be seen with wires and potentially explosives affixed to their chest. It seems like he’s holding a firearm.

According to reports from local media, there has been a recent development at the entrance of the building. A Palestinian flag has been painted and a sign has been placed, indicating that the doors will be open for Gaza.

─░smet Zihni, whose wife works at the plant, shared with the DHA news agency that he received a message from her, expressing that she was being held against her will.

However, he mentioned that he is unsure whether it was her or someone else.

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