Dealing with cops is going to happen to you at some point or another, even if you haven’t broken any laws. Here are some tricks that cops use to increase their chances of pinning something on you, as well as tricks you can use to get yourself out of trouble.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Tricks Cops Don’t Want You To Know! Requests are not orders – Contrary to popular belief, a request made to you by a police officer is not the same thing as an order. Cops casually fish for info – So you’ve just been pulled over, the officer asked for your license and registration, and you provided it. Cops can legally lie to you – Imagine that an officer has told you that they have your fingerprints or your DNA, and that it implicates or even proves that you were responsible for the crime in question. Cops can administer fake tests – Not only can police legally lie to you, but they can also use fake tests to try to fool you.
In the case People v. Mays in 2009, cops hooked up their suspect to a fake lie detector that they of course told the suspect was real. Police confiscate stuff to fund themselves – Civil forfeiture is a process whereby the police can take money, cars, and even homes that they suspect are involved in criminal activity. Unlike criminal forfeiture, the owner of said property doesn’t even have to be convicted of or even charged with a crime in order to permanently lose their property.
Ways to hide from cops – This clip contains what is probably the most important and useful trick on this entire list, so make sure you watch closely so you don’t miss any details. Complaints against police officers can be destroyed – Unfortunately, within the police force there has developed a culture of ‘protecting your own’ even if it potentially conflicts with protecting the public. Stay calm and collected – Neil Franklin, a thirty three year law enforcement veteran from the city of Baltimore, wrote an article about his experiences directed at civilians, stating that “all citizens should understand how to protect their constitutional rights and make smart decisions when dealing with officers of the law.” Zipties that work as snow chains – On a somewhat different note, now that cold weather is approaching, let’s remember that driving in snowy conditions can be really inconvenient. Obeying the law – At the end of the day, the best way to avoid getting into problems with law enforcement is simply to not commit any crimes. Then you should be fine, right? Well, maybe not entirely.

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