Mon. May 29th, 2023

The 54-year-old civilian police officer from Bath, Somerset, Timothy Schofield, was found guilty last month of 11 sexual offenses involving children, including two counts of engaging in sexual conduct with a child.

The young victim of Phillip Schofield's brother's crimes described how the experience left him "numb to life" as the civilian police officer was sentenced to 12 years in prison for child sex offenses.

Tim Schofield was found guilty last month of 11 sexual offenses against children committed between October 2016 and October 2019, including two instances of sexual contact with children.

While testifying in his trial at Exeter Crown Court, Schofield, of Bath, Somerset, admitted to the jury that he had watched porn with the child, who he said was older than 16 at the time.

In a victim statement read in court, Schofield's victim stated that after the assault, he felt "numb to life" and that he frequently experienced panic, worry, and terror.

I had the impression that I was caught in a cycle of worry and terror about the possibility of further abuse.

He claimed that he didn't feel "safe" or "free to be happy" until after Schofield's arrest.

Jurors learned throughout the trial that Schofield admitted to watching pornography with the victim in September 2021 while talking to his older brother, This Morning host Phillip.

In December 2021, the victim came forward to the police to report the crimes.

After more than five and a half hours of discussion, the jury last month convicted the 54-year-old guilty on all counts by a vote of 10 to 2.

Lawyers representing Phillip issued a statement in April after the verdict in which he called his brother's conduct "despicable".

Philip Schofield described his brother's crimes as 'despicable'

ITV presenter 61 remarked, "As far as I'm concerned, I no longer have a brother."

In the statement, he also stated that he "would have acted immediately to protect the victim and their family" "if any crime had ever been confessed to me by my brother,"

According to Judge Mrs. Justice Cutts, Timothy Schofield "exploited his [the victim's] innocence… for your own sexual gratification" during a sentencing hearing on Friday at Bristol Crown Court.

"You acting the way you did was wrong on every level," she said.

"He felt compelled to comply with your wishes, stuck and helpless to flee. For many years, he held back from telling anyone because he believed he couldn't.

"You took away his ability to be the carefree, laid-back, happy teenager he should have been."

Judge Cutts praised the boy's bravery for coming up with the abuse.

She also criticized Schofield's "self-pity" response.

She informed him, "I have not heard a word of regret from you, only self-pity.

As an IT employee for Avon and Somerset Police, Schofield was suspended after his arrest and fired from the department after his conviction.

Detective Inspector Keith Smith, the investigating officer, stated that Schofield's offenses were unrelated to his employment and that no prior complaints or accusations had been filed against this defendant.

"His former colleagues have been horrified by the offences he's now been convicted of," he said in a statement after the sentence was handed down.

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